Saturday, January 30, 2016

GSN's boring January

They say January is the most boring month of the year.

As we wrap up the month of January, it is been pretty bland at GSN. There have been no renewals (nor cancellations) announced, no new shows officially green-lit (but unofficially released) and virtually zero schedule changes. The only bit of news from GSN themselves was a press release on their 2015 ratings (without mention of The Chase and Chain Reaction). Not announced in a press release by GSN, but they are finally making their moves on Winsanity. Besides a recent positive spin in the weekly averages (see below), not much exciting has happened at GSN. All we have had exciting on the schedule are lingering new episodes of Chain Reaction which concluded on the most recent Friday. As we head into February (and likely March as well), we will have a full 138-hour GSN schedule with not one new original regularly. The last time that happened was for two and a half months in the summer of 2012 leading up to American Bible Challenge and Beat the Chefs.

Comparing GSN averages now to last year at this time, the average of the most recent four weeks' primetime average is up 17% and the total day average is up 10% from the first four weeks of 2015 (comparing 12/28/2015-1/24/2016 to 12/29/2014-1/25/2015).

Through our Twitter, we had a back and forth with Mark Labbett from The Chase the other day for about the thousandth time in a conversation that is linked here. From last Friday's ratings, even Mark noted that The Chase is still performing exceptionally well in reruns. The Chase did have a great rerun which definitely fulfilled the GSN total viewer requirement, while overall last Friday's rerun skewed on the older side for GSN primetime standards. I noted in the conversation that at least the 18-49's for the rerun of The Chase bested 5 of 8 well advertised Hellevator new runs.

I see GSN has hired a new Social Media Manager. For the majority of the second half of 2015, GSN was in the process of looking for a Social Media Manager through their careers website. It was apparent they lacked one for parts of last Summer and Fall when GSN's Twitter page went blank for weeks on end at times. At least now, their Twitter is very active (mainly during the work week) mostly responding to fan tweets and retweeting tweets from the Chain Reaction page.

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