Wednesday, January 6, 2016

GSN pulls 'Hellevator' from social media banners; changes to 'Skin Wars'

As of approximately two hours ago, GSN switched off their Hellevator banner on their Facebook and Twitter pages and switched to a Skin Wars banner. The newest Skin Wars banner features Rebecca Romijn, RuPaul, Robin Slonina and Craig Tracy, stating "New Season Coming 2016". The current Skin Wars banner has been featured on the Skin Wars social media sites for about a month now.

It is clear on why GSN removed the Hellevator banner, simply because the show no longer airs on the network and has been off for three weeks. However, this does not mean Hellevator is cancelled at all. In yesterday's press release, GSN credited Hellevator for their 2015 ratings success (along with Skin Wars and Idiotest; excluding The Chase and Chain Reaction) while the Hellevator Twitter page stays active. Typically, when GSN loses interest in a show (Steampunk'd, for example), the Twitter page goes dead after the last episode airs. This is not the case for Hellevator, which has had as many tweets on a regular basis as the Idiotest and Skin Wars pages.

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