Sunday, January 3, 2016

GSN in 2016: Rough predictions

Coming off of a rough 2015 with original programming, GSN will have a worse 2016. The worse news will come for Idiotest, which will have further declines when Season 3 launches. Idiotest will not be renewed for a fourth season, even if GSN's original programming slate continues to be weak (which it will be at least for a majority of this year). When it comes to original programming focus in general, GSN will continue to put a heavier emphasis more on 18-49 viewers and favorable demos over total viewers.

Skin Wars will suffer further declines from last year to this year. Season 3 of Skin Wars will be the lowest rated season yet by about a 10% viewer decline from Season 2, while Season 4 of Skin Wars will be lower rated than the third season. The fourth season of Skin Wars will hit numbers below the prior series low and could see 18-49 and total viewer numbers that are just "average" for GSN.

As for GSN original premieres, Skin Wars Season 3 and Skin Wars: Fresh Paint will premiere in March on a Wednesday night. Skin Wars will air new at 8pm ET and Skin Wars: Fresh Paint will air new at 9pm ET. The third season of Idiotest will premiere in March, likely around the upfronts (and Skin Wars/Skin Wars: Fresh Paint). Skin Wars: Fresh Paint will fare well as the Skin Wars lead-out at the start of its eight-episode launch but will fade out to below average total viewer numbers (between 300K and 400K) but great 18-49's (between 100K and 225K) by the second half of the season, which will give Skin Wars: Fresh Paint an eight-episode second season. Skin Wars Season 3 will have either a 2-hour premiere or 2-hour finale. The fourth season of Skin Wars will premiere in September or October, along with the second season of Skin Wars: Fresh Paint. The fading Skin Wars will be renewed for a ten-episode fifth season. The second season of Skin Wars: Fresh Paint will not fare well (similar to the levels of Steampunk'd, Hellevator and decline of It Takes a Church) and get cancelled.

Winsanity will premiere in May. Winsanity will fail, similar to the fate of Mind of a Man. Winsanity will launch as either the lead-in or lead-out to new runs of Idiotest

Revivals of The Newlywed Game or Baggage may be underway. These two shows continue to perform well enough for GSN to continue to have them in several primetime, daytime and latenight slots after more than five years of reruns now.

When it comes to acquisitions, nothing new will be acquired this year. There will still be no Celebrity Name Game nor Hollywood Game Night. The 2014-15 Family Feud season (Harvey's fifth) will come along in the early Fall, just like new seasons have come along each year for the past two years. 

With schedule changes, I finally see big changes happening in weekday afternoons while GSN will keep pre-12pm mostly similar to what it is currently. There will be no new pre-1990's leased in 2016 as mornings will remain bland. For the most part for afternoons, it will be out with the old and in with the new. Most current stables like John O'Hurley's last season of Family Feud, Catch 21 and The Pyramid will be gone while reruns of The Chase, Idiotest and Chain Reaction (Catherwood) will air in weekday afternoons alongside Chain Reaction (Lane), Harvey Feud and Deal or No Deal.

When it comes to Family Feud leases for versions before Harvey, I predict GSN will renew their lease on the 2009-10 season of Family Feud (John O'Hurley's last). By the end of the year, I do not see Karn or O'Hurley Family Feud having a regular, weekly spot on the schedule but used sporadically as a holiday marathon or filler. GSN will not have a 40th anniversary Family Feud premiere marathon featuring Dawson, Combs or Anderson Feud.

Buzzr will have no effect on GSN's ratings in 2016. For GSN's ratings, their 2016 primetime average will decline slightly (about 2-5% decrease) from 2015 and the 2016 total day average will rise by about 10-15% from 2015.

For primetime, pre-primetime and post-primetime scheduling, it will be the same as 2015. All very new, modern, HD programming with all programming from 2010 or later. Steve Harvey's Family Feud will pick up about five more hours (10 slots) on the schedule this year, totaling 100 airings per week. Harvey Feud rerun ratings will remain strong on GSN. The Newlywed Game and Baggage will remain in latenights in the exact same slots as now or close. New original programming and recent original programming reruns will retain the rest of the primetime and surrounding primetime lineup.

GSN will find another original hit, similar to Bible/The Chase/Skin Wars in the second half of the year from a show introduced in their 2016-17 upfronts. This show, whatever it may be, will carry GSN into 2017 with new seasons ordered and spinoffs. I do not know what this show will be, but that is why these are rough predictions.

Leftover from the 2015-16 upfronts, I would predict Window Warriors makes it to air as another Skin Wars spin-off. I would also predict a tattoo-based competition series to be placed in development as a Skin Wars spin-off (which I personally think would be a great idea and have more success than Steampunk'd and Window Warriors). Window Warriors, if it does make it to air, will fail worse than Steampunk'd.

Last, only one of the following shows will be renewed: The Chase, Chain Reaction or Hellevator. Whichever one of those three shows does get renewed, it will be its last season on GSN.


  1. In 2016, I hope The Chase returns for a fifth season. Winsanity I believe won't work. It might start out strong, then bomb quickly. Idiotest will be gone after its third season because it started to slip in ratings in August and people are probably getting tired of the show. I think the network is starting 2016 on a bad note by pushing back the third season premieres of Idiotest and Skin Wars. Dumb, dumb move. They are going to have a dull winter unless if Harvey Feud pulls in a million viewers somehow.

  2. ZZzzzzzzz...and I hate nothing is changing during mornings. I see major droppage overall for them.

  3. "They are going to have a dull winter unless if Harvey Feud pulls in a million viewers somehow."

    GSN is going to have a very dull January already with only new runs of Chain Reaction sitting on Friday and all reruns elsewhere (and nothing else new or exciting on the schedule). February will likely be the same story (CR will be done with new runs by the end of January).

    By the way, reruns of Harvey Feud on GSN probably have hit one million viewers at some point. We just do not know since we do not see a large majority of GSN numbers any longer.

    J Tipler: I do not see GSN getting rid of classics yet because of the lessons they learned in 2015 with substituting new-ish shows in the morning, like Catch 21/STYD/O'Hurley Feud, which flopped pretty badly and was short-lived.

  4. gsn could be in flux after 2016 along with many cable channels. the effects of cord cutting could starting hurting a lot of cable networks' budgets very soon!!

  5. I personally love the pre90s in the morning. Brings me back to my younger days watching with my family. Wish more were aired. They had better game shows back then. Love watching Idiotest, The Chase, Chain Reaction which make you use your brain. Not crazy about the newer shows. They lack brain exercise. In my opinion there are way too many Family Feud episodes airing now. If they keep creating shows like Hellevator and Steampunk'd, it'll be time for my family and I to cancel the network. :(

    1. Melanie, I personally agree with all you said above. I love the pre-1990 shows and wish we got more of them a week (even an extra hour Mon-Fri would make me very happy).

      Chain Reaction, The Chase and Idiotest are my personal favorites.

      You absolutely do not have to worry about Steampunk'd on the GSN airwaves any longer and it's not likely to see Hellevator any longer either. It's Skin Wars that is not leaving the network any day soon.

    2. Thanks! It's nice to hear from someone who actually agrees with you rather than argue. Have a very Happy New Year! :)

    3. Wrong! Game shows today are better than ever! Since WWTBAM, game shows have been the best in this era and beyond!

    4. The real truth is game shows today are the best they have ever been! Stop living in the past, intelligent people don't live in the past!

  6. PREDICTION. Negro lives matter poster boy Steven Harvey will get all 168 hours of programming a week because GSN now stands for the ghetto show network.

    Or 2 of the hours will be the ghetto body painting show hosted by 2 trannies rue paul and bruce jenner.

    1. You're an idiot, and you have no business in society! Seriously, what are you doing here.

      You don't exist!

  7. Please, cancel Hellevator. Renew The Chase or Chain Reaction, please. Because one of my favorite game shows will have to move to another network.

  8. Please GSN bring The Chase back because I'm such a fan of the show and if The Chase Season 5 doesn't exist I'll be very VERY sad. As for Catch 21 repeats disappearing from the morning I would be very upset too but I would love to see repeats of syndicated Deal Or No Deal in it's place