Wednesday, January 20, 2016

GSN averages; renewals

While we are still waiting for full Chain Reaction and Family Feud ratings from last Friday night, two new GSN primetime/total day averages came in from the weeks of December 28th and January 11th. GSN averages continue to tick up since Hellevator left the schedule. Take a look at the primetime/total day average the prior four weeks with Hellevator on the schedule and the most recent, Hellevator-less four weeks of GSN:

With Hellevator:
November 23-29: 356K/309K
November 30-December 6: 356K/308K
December 7-13: 391K/304K
December 14-20: 349K/302K
4-week average: 363K/306K

Without Hellevator:
December 21-27: 416K/330K
December 28-January 3: 448K/357K
January 4-10: 469K/365K
January 11-17: 459K/342K
4-week average: 448K/349K

In the four weeks since Hellevator has left the schedule compared to the four weeks since Hellevator was on the schedule, the GSN primetime average is up 23% in total viewers and the total day average is up 14% in total viewers. Also, in the latest week (January 11-17), the GSN primetime average is up 24% in total viewers and the total day average is up 6% in total viewers from the same week last year (January 12-18, 2015, which had 370K/324K primetime/total day average).


It's great news that two great game shows, Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? and Celebrity Name Game have been renewed. In the first full week of January, Celebrity Name Game hit a series high at a 1.5 household rating. Here are some comments from this site:

"All of those [new CNG] timeslots must have helped."

Celebrity Name Game getting moved to earlier daytime timeslots must help. Some markets for the premiere season of Celebrity Name Game pinned the show against Jeopardy!, Family Feud and Wheel of Fortune (and some still do). This year, that has changed. It also helps this year that Celebrity Name Game has gotten exposure on Pop.

"I predicted [Millionaire] would get renewed, considering how well it's doing w/ overnight time slots in half the country. Maybe [Millionaire] will get some upgrades now that it's known to be returning."

I do not know about timeslot upgrades yet, but if numbers continue to tick up (not down or even flat) for Millionaire with the timeslots it has now, it's a possibility to take back some of the better timeslots and affiliates it had. Honestly, we have seen an upward 1.1-1.2-1.3-1.4 household rating trend for Millionaire from September to December. The latest week averaged a 1.3 HH rating. Say if the following months keep trending upward (say to a 1.7), then timeslot re-upgrades are possible.

The question is, will Millionaire and Celebrity Name Game continue an upward trend in the near future and next season? In the short term, I see both staying steady, if not rising just a tick, and suffering the usual late spring into summer declines that all syndie game shows do. As for next year, it's too early to tell, but I can actually see a trend closer to a 2.0 HH rating around this time next year for both shows. Celebrity Name Game continues to get exposure and possibly better slots and affiliates (thanks to this year's better ratings thus far) while Millionaire is overall a better show than with Crews and has had its own upward trend since September.


  1. Millionaire just got a reprieve from the governor. It's just better to cancel it on year 15. A nice round figure to go out on. If the number don't trend past the Crews season low, a 1.6, now a goal of Harrison to reach, this argument returns next year.

    1. Rick: Agreed with the ratings, but it also depends on the timeslots and markets. Honestly, if Millionaire was not demoted this season from last and still had last season's better timeslots and the exact ratings as now, then Millionaire would have been a goner for 2016-17. Millionaire's good performance in bad timeslots and stations saved the show.

      But I agree the goal for Millionaire to get renewed again next year at this time is to at least climb to a 1.6.

      As for "going out on 15", I do not believe Millionaire is being prepared for its final season. If so, they would have announced next season as being the last (unless they have yet to announce that). It would stink if a show like Millionaire, which has been around forever, did not go out without a formal farewell season.