Tuesday, January 19, 2016

February 1-7 GSN advanced schedule now available

GSN has released their schedule for the first week of February:

There are no significant changes of note. However, Mike Catherwood-hosted Chain Reaction remains in all slots. There will be reruns aired in the Friday 8pm and 8:30pm ET slot and forward. The last two new runs of Chain Reaction air Friday, January 29th.


  1. By my count, only 39 new episodes of Chain Reaction will have aired since its July 2015 premiere. This inlcudes 19 weeks of new runs plus one sneak preview episode on premiere afternoon. I wonder what happened to the 40th new episode?

    1. There were two 3:30pm sneak peaks before each stretch of new episodes aired. One on July 16th and one on December 18th.

      The pdf author also messed up by saying a rerun of Chain Reaction originally aired 7/17/2015 when it was actually 7/16/2015.

  2. All i ask is GSN Network to Respect The Life of Jim Perry and bring back SALE OF THE CENTURY M-F

  3. you need to listen the the fans of SALE OF THE CENTURY they want this game show back on the GSN Network Schedule M-F