Thursday, January 7, 2016

Classics Brackets

Please vote on the following sidebar polls (desktop site only) which one of two shows in each poll would you prefer to have back on GSN:

Shop 'Til You Drop
Sale of the Century

Super Password

Password Plus
The $100,000 Pyramid

Family Feud (Dawson) 
Family Feud (Combs)

These polls expire Monday, January 25th. After that, GameShowNetworkNews will have a two week voting period for the top 4 results above then later in February, the top two will go head-to-head in which show is most desired to be brought back to GSN. Be sure to vote for your favorite if you have not already!


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  2. Sale of the Century, $100,000 Pyramid, and Password Plus

  3. Sale of the Century, Super Password, Password Plus and Dawson Family Feud.

  4. If you love Jim Perry than you will Vote for Sale Of The Century wouldn't it be Wonderful to see Finally who beat Crystal Miller and all of the 11 LISA MUNOZ GREAT RUN and the Daytime Episodes of 1983-87

  5. Honor Jim Perry with Respect and VOTE FOR SALE OF THE CENTURY

  6. A majority already air on Buzzr. No need for them to air on GSN, especially with their time compression, speed-ups, and credit crunches. Not to mention On-screen advertisements galore.

  7. when will see the selected shows on gsn will there be an announcement

  8. Sale of the Century, Password Plus, Super Password, Blockbusters, The $100,000 Pyramid, Family Feud (Dawson), and Family Feud (Combs)

  9. All of these should come back. I just want to see more classic game shows. They have way too much crap on the network and my cable subscriber doesn't carry Buzzr.

  10. I've been very curious why Password Plus or even original Password doesn't get any traction with GSN or Buzzr. Only Super Password does. Nothing against Super, just feel like mixing it up sometimes.

    1. All I can think of is Super Password is the newest. Or possibly, Convy might be more of a favorite than Ludden.