Thursday, January 21, 2016

'Chain Reaction' still alive for syndication?

Remember when Chain Reaction was one of a few game shows last Fall suggested for syndication in 2016-17?

With Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? and Celebrity Name Game both very recently renewed, does that mean Chain Reaction is dead for getting a shot in syndication?

Definitely not, but the odds of Chain Reaction going into syndication have slimmed a bit.

The status of Chain Reaction first depends on what GSN wants to do with it. But if GSN does turn down Chain Reaction before or at the spring upfronts, Chain Reaction can definitely be produced, having contestants, prepared and ready to air by September.

It's not impossible either to have six syndicated game shows on the air at once, which is not too crowded at all compared to all the talk and court shows out there.

I would personally love to see Chain Reaction in syndication with Catherwood as host, a similar set and rules our current version has (which still airs new this Friday). I definitely see Chain Reaction being very marketable in syndication with all the success (especially in rerun longevity) it has had on GSN.

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