Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Renewal odds 12/21/15: 'Skin Wars', 'Idiotest', 'The Chase', 'Chain Reaction', 'Hellevator'

Skin Wars: Already renewed (and filmed) its third season; unofficially renewed but clearly given the go-ahead on a fourth season. Chance of renewal: 100% (flat)

Idiotest: Filmed its third season clearly. For some odd reason, no official press release. Chance of renewal: 100% (flat)

The Chase and Chain Reaction: I will put these two together because I know they are in the same situation. GSN has simply lost interest in both The Chase and Chain Reaction, clearly having no strong desire to make new episodes. They have both been put in Friday nights, gotten very little, usually no social media attention in comparison to Idiotest and especially Hellevator, while more advertisements would air for Hellevator much more often than The Chase or Chain Reaction, even on Fridays (when new runs of The Chase or Chain Reaction aired).

The Chase has done very well. Season 4 of The Chase averaged 633,000 total viewers, up 9% from Season 3 in total viewers (from 580K), up 8% from Season 2 (from 584K) and up 36% from Season 1 (from 464K). In other words, The Chase has had its highest rated season yet by a sizable margin. While The Chase skews older than your typical episode of Family Feud, Hellevator and Idiotest, The Chase still managed to pick up more 18-49's than Hellevator over the five weeks they aired together (week of November 2nd through week of week of December 7th). New runs of The Chase averaged 115,000 18-49 viewers (11/6, 11/13, 11/20, 12/4, 12/11) while Hellevator averaged 104,000 18-49 viewers (11/4, 11/11, 11/18, 12/2, 12/9).

Chain Reaction came in with okay numbers last Friday night. The only real great news is that Chain Reaction rose half hour to half hour in 18-49 and total viewers about equally. Unfortunately for last Friday's Chain Reaction, the median audience age was approximately 70 with only 17% of the total viewers under 50 years of age. We still have six weeks of ratings to go.

A slight piece of good news for Chain Reaction is that GSN is giving the Catherwood version the 5:30pm slot when Deal or No Deal has a few special 90-minute episodes the next few weeks. I was almost sure that slot would have gone to Idiotest or O'Hurley Feud. It's good to see GSN trusting Chain Reaction to serve as lead-in to their pre-primetime block.

Also to note, for lack of interest purposes, The Chase and Chain Reaction Twitter pages are basically dead.

I see the upper hand going slightly to Chain Reaction because of how cheap it is to produce. But with Hellevator very likely gone, meaning GSN is only left with the declining Idiotest, Skin Wars and yet-to-be-tested Winsanity, the question is if GSN has to renew one of these shows to fill up some of their schedule. Chance of renewal for both: 35% (flat for The Chase; down 5% for Chain Reaction)

Hellevator: In eight episodes, new runs of Hellevator averaged 287,000 total viewers and 131,000 18-49 viewers. The same night encores averaged 148,000 total viewers and 68,000 18-49 viewers. Meanwhile, Steampunk'd, which suffered cancellation, averaged a very similar 278,000 total viewers and 114,000 18-49 viewers in eight new episodes. If GSN did not give Steampunk'd a renewal, even with its ability to bring in an average audience younger than "old", I just cannot see GSN renewing the more-expensive Hellevator. More bad news for Hellevator is that from premiere to the week before the finale, Hellevator dropped, or stayed exactly flat, each week in total viewers and had an overall decline in 18-49 viewers after October 28th.

For interest sake, the Hellevator Twitter page is still active (like Idiotest and Skin Wars).

Even with how young Hellevator skews, I just cannot see this getting a full second season order on GSN. The decline throughout the season was tremendous and I cannot see GSN wanting to keep a show that can only work around Halloween. It is likely GSN may want to ship the series to another network, because it's just not fit for GSN. Chance of renewal: 15% (flat)


  1. I would have posted this in the proper story below, but no one reads them after a day or 2. I thought this was huge news and felt it needed top be put into the top story of the day. Hopefully the blogmeisters are okay with this. I found this in the newsfeed of my Facebook account about 20 minutes ago. This is copied and pasted directly from the story.

    Steve Harvey to seek treatment for possible signs of early stages of Alzheimer's disease...(AP) After a few recent incidents of forgetting contestant's scores and round number during tapings of his highly successful remake of the Family Feud, talk and game show host Steve Harvey has decided to check himself into the First United Clinic, Knoxville for a round of preliminary brain scans. This comes after a horrible evening of forgetting which contestant actually won and which was runner up in the Miss Universe pageant, watched by millions. The defeated contestant, Miss Colombia, has filed a multi million dollar lawsuit against the host and pageant owners, possibly leading to Mr. Harvey's decision to seek help.

    1. "Hopefully the blogmeisters are okay with this."

      Thanks for posting this. I appreciate you posting this on top, but I would have been able to see it anywhere posted since I get an email wherever and whenever a comment is posted. But on the top story should get the most attention. :)

      I'll have a follow up on the whole issue tomorrow, hopefully earlier than later in the day. Tonight, I believe, there is a story about Skin Wars and Idiotest coming in.

  2. And of course Rahner believes it. Tony D, can you supply a source other than that dipshit J Tipsy, or whatever his name is? I highly doubt that article is real.

  3. It was an AP story yesterday evening. In the upper right corner of FB is a newsfeed section and the link was there. I've never found FB news falsified or links to be parodies. Otherwise I would not believe it either. I'll try to track it down in my history. If we could post screenshots on here I would have down that. I copied and pasted the complete article w/ the AP banner, word for word. Sorry if it doesn't meet w/ your standards. I will remove if you feel it's warranted. Not trying to stir up controversy.

    1. If it's from the AP, why can no other stories about it be found with a simple Google search? And AP stories always start with the city and then (AP), not the format of your "copy and paste" job. Either you're full of shit or the "story" from your FB news feed is.

    2. "I've never found FB news falsified or links to be parodies."

      Oh wow. You poor misguided little bastard. I recommend looking up Cracked.com's long-running series of articles about viral news stories that turned out to be bullshit, it was a weekly feature on the site for a very long time.

  4. "And of course Rahner believes it."

    Actually, I never did. In fact, I have not seen anything about the above story in the comment elsewhere on the internet.

    I wish to have a link, Tony D.

    1. Exactly what was said above as well. No other sign of the "story" was found.

    2. Correct. I have not found anything about what Tony D said anywhere. I think that would be at the top when putting "Steve Harvey" into Google News.

      The story on the Facebook feed must have been fake. I would hope it wasn't made up.