Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Redesigned primetime lineup with absence of 'Hellevator' tonight (12/23)

GSN will launch a new, and even a slightly refreshing primetime lineup for Wednesday nights now with Hellevator off the schedule, likely for good. 

The Newlywed Game (Shepherd) will replace Hellevator in the 8pm ET hour. Idiotest will replace the Hellevator encore in the 11pm ET hour. Idiotest remains in the 1am ET hour. All Idiotest episodes are reruns. Baggage remains in the 2am ET hour, where another Hellevator encore previously aired.

In addition, do not forget, the Black and White classics still remain on the schedule for only three more nights. What's My Line?, with original airdate April 4, 1954 including guests Janet Leigh, Dorothy Kilgallen, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf, Steve Allen and host John Daly airs at 3am ET. I've Got A Secret, with original airdate November 12, 1962 including guests Carol Burnett, Betsy Palmer, Bess Myerson, Henry Morgan, Bill Cullen and host Gary Morre airs at 3:30am ET.

New Wednesday GSN primetime schedule (All Times ET):
8:00pm: The Newlywed Game (Shepherd)
8:30pm: The Newlywed Game (Shepherd)
9:00pm: Family Feud (Harvey)
9:30pm: Family Feud (Harvey)
10:00pm: Idiotest
10:30pm: Idiotest
11:00pm: Idiotest
11:30pm: Idiotest
12:00am: Family Feud (Harvey)
12:30am: Family Feud (Harvey)
1:00am: Idiotest
1:30am: Idiotest
2:00am: Baggage
2:30am: Baggage
3:00am: What's My Line?
3:30am: I've Got a Secret


  1. nothing of interest here. now the negro newlywed show with the negro family feud.

  2. He needs to photoshop out the 'Vator from his wall background. This looks very unprofessional having a show not airing listed on a GSN page.

    1. I will make sure to get Hellevator out of the background sooner than GSN does from their homepage (where they still have Steampunk'd, Hellevator and Baggage On The Road on the top banner).

    2. How does a multi million dollar company run such a half-assed network and website. I know nothing about TV but I like to think I could do a better job. I'd love to have one year in programming.