Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Original programming ratings averages on GSN in 2015

Below, in order from top to bottom, are the ratings in total viewers of each original program on GSN in 2015 with a renewal/cancellation result. We cannot provide an 18-49 list since not all 18-49 viewer figures were provided for all shows this year.

1) The Chase (Season 4, 20 episodes, January 27-March 10 and July 16-September 3 and November 6-December 11): 633,000 total viewers. Result: Still waiting renewal/cancellation
2) Skin Wars (Season 2, 10 episodes, June 10-August 19): 572,000 total viewers. Result: Renewed for two more seasons
3) Skin Wars: Fresh Paint (Special, 1 episode, August 26): 456,000 total viewers. Result: Renewed for eight-episode season run
4) Chain Reaction (Season 1, 30 episodes, July 16-October 1 and December 18-25): 404,000 total viewers. Result: Still waiting renewal/cancellation
5) Idiotest (Season 1, 8 episodes, January 7-28): 394,000 total viewers. Result: Had already been renewed for Season 2 before this stretch of episodes
6) Baggage On The Road (Season 1, 20 episodes, January 7-March 11): 370,000 total viewers Result: Cancelled
7) Idiotest (Season 2, 65 episodes, April 1-December 2): 340,000 total viewers. Result: Renewed
8) Hellevator (Season 1, 8 episodes, October 21-December 16): 287,000 total viewers. Result: Still waiting renewal/cancellation
9) Steampunk'd (Season 1, 8 episodes, August 19-October 14): 278,000 total viewers. Result: Cancelled
10) It Takes a Church (Season 2, 8 episodes, March 26-May 14): 268,000 total viewers. Result: Cancelled
11) Lie Detectors (Season 1, 18 episodes, April 20-May 27): 180,000 total viewers. Result: Cancelled


  1. Sale Of The Century Renewed and back on the GSN Network Schedule Starting in Jan 2016

  2. So far, only new episodes of Skin Wars, Idiotest and Winsanity are set for 2016. Incredibly weak development state, if you ask me.

    GSN's decision to push back Idiotest and Skin Wars from originally premiering in January was even worse -- not sure why they're doing this, unless they want to hold off until CR new episodes are finished.

    I would give GSN a big fat 'F' for 2015, especially after the Monopoly failure, Chase renewal failure, and most of all, the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New-Years multi-marathon failure.

    Maybe after GSN changes its name and goes strictly the Feud/Skin Wars reality route 24/7, Buzzr will finally go nationwide. All it needs is to get on Dish and DirecTV and then it'll be like how GSN used to be in the 90s and early 2000s.

  3. Please, renew The Chase and Chain Reaction and cancel Hellevator.