Saturday, December 5, 2015

Inside 'Hellevator'

Two details about Hellevator:

This first one is to correct one of my comments I made here earlier this week about the Hellevator pilot. The Hellevator pilot actually did make it to air. That is, the episode labeled '1001' on November 18th where a trio of contestants won $51,000. This pilot was shot earlier in 2015 where the other seven episodes of Hellevator were filmed in the summer. The reason why the team won $51,000 is because producers had not decided on a maximum amount of winnings at the point.

Second, in the episode aired this past week (aired December 2nd), the doctor was called "Dr. Shigella" for a specific, inside reason. Shigella is a stomach illness that can last several days. When Hellevator was shooting its stretch of episodes, approximately a third of the Hellevator cast and crew got sick with Shigella. Production was delayed because of the epidemic of illness. 

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