Monday, December 7, 2015

'Idiotest' season to season comparison in ratings

Last week, the second season of Idiotest ended. Here is the season to season comparison in ratings:

Season 1 (40 episodes): 373,000 total viewers
Season 2 (65 episodes): 340,000 total viewers and 112,000 18-49 viewers

Only ten 18-49 numbers were published for Season 1, so it would not be fair to compare. But, from the 18-49 numbers we have seen, Idiotest is skewing younger season to season, which is big for GSN. Idiotest has been losing total viewers but has remained relatively constant in 18-49 viewers. Therefore, the median viewer age of Idiotest has decreased.

Overall, Idiotest is down 9% in total viewers from last season and a significant 32.9% of its audience is under 50 years of age.

The highest rated episode of Idiotest in total viewers in Season 1 drew 561,000 total viewers and the highest rated episode in Season 2 was 545,000 total viewers. The lowest rated episode of Idiotest in total viewers in Season 1 had 245,000 total viewers and the lowest rated episode in Season 2 drew 212,000 total viewers. 

Remember, Idiotest had many more episodes than the premiere season. Throughout 40 episodes, Idiotest Season 1 averaged 373,000 total viewers and the first forty episodes of Season 2 averaged 377,000 total viewers from April through mid-August.

Idiotest Season 2 by the month:
April (10 episodes): 391K/130K
May (8 episodes): 363K/92K
June (10 episodes): 426K/131K
July (8 episodes): 347K/123K
August (6 episodes): 310K/120K
September (8 episodes): 297K/87K
October (8 episodes): 278K/97K
November (6 episodes): 251K/117K
December (1 episode): 276K/93K

From above, GSN needed to rest Idiotest at some point. Declines continued to happen throughout the season. The week before Steampunk'd premiered (August 12th), GSN should have paused Idiotest there and then relaunched the series fresh post-Hellevator in October or post-The Chase and post-Chain Reaction this November/December/January. 

Overall, Idiotest is on a slight decline similar to Skin Wars but young-skewing like Skin Wars. The 18-49's saved Idiotest. If Idiotest had the same total viewers but not as many 18-49's, it would easily have been a goner.

Season 3 of Idiotest premieres in Janaury on GSN.


  1. It would be a real shunder if Idiotest gets renewed and The Chase gets axed. The Chase >>>>> Idiotest.

    1. Idiotest has been renewed. Season 3 coming in January.

  2. I still don't understand why GSN ordered 65 episodes. I mean, it's their network, they can do whatever they want, but it just seems like an odd number to order, especially when you're airing 2 a week. I guess there really is no set standard for a "season" of a particular program, when it can contain anywhere from as little as 6 episodes to as many as 65 or more.

    1. GSN never said how many episodes of Idiotest there were for Season 3. Looking at the number of filming days, it looks like GSN only ordered 40 episodes but we still do not know for sure.

      GSN has always ordered either 65 or 130 episodes for their half-hour originals and usually 8 to 10 for their hour-long episodes with more for The Chase.