Wednesday, December 23, 2015

'Hellevator', 'The Chase', 'Chain Reaction' final decision on renewal could be stalled until upfronts

Decisions on the final fates for GSN's "on the bubble" shows Hellevator, The Chase and Chain Reaction may have to wait until the 2016-17 GSN upfronts at the latest, which usually take place in March. This is the last opportunity that we will know if the three shows are renewed or not. 

All three shows have struggled in one way or another lately. The Chase and Chain Reaction have both failed to capture a young-skewing audience, where renewed originals like Skin Wars and Idiotest have. Chain Reaction has shown declines since the summer in both 18-49 and total viewers, but has proven itself with 18-49's more than The Chase has. Meanwhile, The Chase just had its highest rated season yet and in the five weeks where The Chase and Hellevator both aired together in new runs, The Chase outdid Hellevator in 18-49 viewers.

Hellevator captured a very strong 18-49 audience for the first three weeks on air but collapsed after that. The good news is the median age of viewership for Hellevator went unchanged throughout the whole season, with the season premiere starting out with 37% of the total audience under 50 years old and for the December 16th finale, 39% of the audience under 50 years old (with all six episodes in-between actually skewing younger). 

Overall, Hellevator was the youngest skewing original and show altogether on GSN this year. But by the end of its run, its 18-49's were below the GSN norm and total viewers were about half of what GSN would want for a new run original.

Which is most likely to be renewed on GSN

This would go in this order: Chain Reaction, The Chase then a distant third Hellevator. Chain Reaction, in comparison to The Chase, is much cheaper and slightly younger skewing. Chain Reaction and The Chase have great rerun value, while Hellevator does not. Hellevator is a distant third, giving away a huge $200,000 of prize money in eight short episodes.

On the sidebar poll currently, The Chase has the best chance to get renewed, with 44% of voters agreeing it will get renewed over Chain Reaction (38% of votes) by a little. Only 11% of voters think Hellevator will get renewed by GSN. There is still time to vote!

Which is most likely to end up elsewhere

This would go in this order: The Chase, Chain Reaction and Hellevator, but all three very close together. The Chase after all was a ratings sensation for GSN and I am sure a broadcast network would be more than happy to pick up The Chase. Chain Reaction could easily end up in syndication with Millionaire, Celebrity Name Game and many talk or judge shows (I'm sure) potentially out. Hellevator has a following and could end up elsewhere, but is the most expensive of the three to produce and does not have a positive history like The Chase and Chain Reaction.

On the sidebar poll currently, voters think Chain Reaction has the best chance of getting picked up by another network (or syndication) if not renewed by GSN. There is still time to vote!

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