Thursday, December 24, 2015

GSN's holiday advertisements continue to exclude 'Hellevator'

In what continues to be a cat and mouse game with GSN renewing The Chase, Chain Reaction and/or Hellevator, the latest GSN holiday-themed advertisements continue to show no sign of Hellevator in them.

Last Thursday, GSN posted on YouTube (which airs on-air now too) a holiday-themed advertisement featuring only Idiotest, Chain Reaction and Family Feud (therefore excluding The Chase and Hellevator). However, other on-air advertisements for GSN wishing their audience "Happy Holidays" and "Merry Christmas" now feature Idiotest, Chain Reaction, The Chase, Skin Wars and Family Feud. In fact, there was one creative advertisement just for The Chase featuring how Mark Labbett's ("The Beast") heart does not grow, similar to "The Grinch".

There are no signs of Hellevator in any of the latest GSN promos except ones that were launched weeks ago and still air on the network periodically. Hellevator, which was removed from the schedule the week after its finale, is looking less and less likely to be renewed while The Chase and Chain Reaction are hanging in there.

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