Tuesday, December 22, 2015

GSN to push 'Skin Wars' and 'Idiotest' respective premieres back

GSN has delayed the Skin Wars Season 3 premiere,
removing the above poster from their Skin Wars
social media pages ("Coming in January" has
now turned into "2016").
What were originally both set to premiere in January, for some reason, have been pushed back to later in 2016 altogether.

GSN's on-air advertisements have disappeared for both Skin Wars and Idiotest, which said only a couple weeks ago they were both coming in January. There are neither Skin Wars nor Idiotest advertisements on-air now pertaining to future new episodes. Now, on the Skin Wars Twitter page, the new season is set for "2016". There is no word on social media for Idiotest.

GSN has also taken a couple tweets off their Skin Wars Twitter page, one where the above banner came from, saying Skin Wars would premiere in January.

Skin Wars and Idiotest both filmed their respective third seasons in November. Skin Wars has also been renewed for a fourth season recently.

The only two planned originals that will definitely make it to air are Skin Wars: Fresh Paint and Winsanity. Skin Wars: Fresh Paint filmed in November while Winsanity has yet to have an official casting call. Winsanity, as stated in last month's press release from GSN, is set to begin production in "Early 2016."

It is likely GSN has delayed new episodes of Skin Wars and Idiotest to match up with Skin Wars: Fresh Paint and/or Winsanity when they are ready later in 2016. However, this move makes very little sense. I think Skin Wars and Idiotest both would have done well in their January premieres and Skin Wars: Fresh Paint could easily have been ready by mid to late January. Whenever Winsanity comes around, it comes around. GSN should not be moving other originals back to just accompany Winsanity, which is likely not even to make it to air until late Spring/early Summer. 

This moves sounds like another "GSN cannot make up their decision" type. This is unfortunate because, once again, I think Skin Wars, Skin Wars: Fresh Paint (both of those on one night) and Idiotest (on the following night) would have done very well together throughout January, February and March.

Clearly, I believe GSN is starting out their 2016 on a bad note.


  1. That is pathetic. What did GSN do to deserve itself? Now the anticipation makes them yearn for a new season of Agent Carter until they arrive.

    1. obviously they have Smoked crack and weed everyday in order to make dumb decisions while continuing to piss off its loyal viewers, but then again that's just me.

  2. Jeez,their decision was about as dumb as their Christmas and New Year's marathons this year.

  3. "Clearly, I believe GSN is starting out their 2016 on a bad note."

    I have no idea what is going on with GSN right now. They seem to have put no absolutely no effort into the holiday marathons, and it seems they are making asinine programming decision and putting just as little effort into their regular programming as well. I mean they most recently took new episodes of their highest-rated and arguably most enjoyable show, The Chase, and buried them in a crappy ass timeslot on Friday nights; now, it looks as if the show may be cancelled altogether. Now, they are putting off debuting episodes of two more of their highly-rated originals, which they were originally supposed to debut in January.

    What's more, their weekday daytime schedule is tired and boring hell, and the same programs for the most part have been airing from 1:00 PM-5:00 PM for like two years now.

    I think it may be time for a management change...

    1. I think it's a very bad idea to delay the two (possibly three) originals that were suppose to premiere in January. We literally only have new episodes of Chain Reaction on Fridays through the end of January with literally nothing else but Family Feud and reruns all over the schedule. For a little while, with Skin Wars/Skin Wars: Fresh Paint/Idiotest delayed, there may be some weeks with no new original programming.

      As for the afternoon lineup, you're right!! But numbers must be strong. After years of reruns, Catch 21, The Pyramid and Chain Reacion (Lane) must still manage to pull great numbers. Deal or No Deal must be pulling in better 18-49's than we think to get 15 hours of airtime per week. O'Hurley Feud may be leaving the schedule around Spring. The 2009-10 season rights expire around March. It's a goner unless GSN decides to renew the lease (especially if the price is cheap).

      "I think it may be time for a management change..."

      I do not see Amy Introcaso-Davis or David Goldhill giving up their thrones at GSN yet. GSN has had a great year in viewership and bringing in their desirable demos (18-49, 25-54, Women 25-54 and whatever else they desire), even though it does not seem like it with the latest Hellevator and Steampunk'd flops.