Friday, December 18, 2015

GSN schedules now available for December 28-January 3, January 4-10 and January 11-17

GSN has released new schedules for three weeks in advance beyond next week:

January 11-17 (new)

Changes (December 28-January 3):
*The Newlywed Game will air latenights Monday-Friday at 3am and 3:30am; replacing What's My Line? and I've Got A Secret
*On Tuesday, for one week only, GSN will air Idiotest at 9pm and 9:30pm; replacing Family Feud
*GSN will air a Steve Harvey Family Feud marathon New Years Day (Friday 1/1) from 12pm to 8pm

Changes (January 4-10):
*Steve Harvey Family Feud returns permanently to the 12pm and 12:30pm slots weekdays (was O'Hurley Feud 12/21-12/25 and 12/28-12/31).
*Steve Harvey Family Feud returns to its Tuesday 9pm and 9:30pm slot (was Idiotest on 12/29)

Changes (January 11-17):
None of note

All Times ET


  1. Not surprising that yet another Harvey Feud marathon is set for New Year's Day. Like I said, the executives over there are getting lazy. Here's what I think the discussion was:

    GSN: What do we want to air on Christmas?

    Executive: I don't know.

    GSN: Let's try A Match Game marathon.

    Executive: No, The Press Your Luck Christmas Eve marathon bombed lasted year.

    GSN: Got it. Let's PO the viewers by airing 8 hours of Harvey Feud.

    Executive: Great!

    GSN: While we're at it, put a marathon on New Year's Day as well since we're lazy and can't think of anything creative.

    Executive: Right On!

    Thank god that ESPN has the bowl games on so I can watch those instead of whatever GSN puts out.

    1. Somehow I think that Steve Harvey dreams of becoming a dildo in order for GSN viewers to get F in the A as hard as hell all-the-while succeeding in the process as these stupid marathons from this version are crammed down our esophaguses since this is a real-life nightmare that we all fear that it will not come true until now.

      I bet that the Idiotest, Harvey's Feud and Hellevator marathons bombed super hard in November if it comes as no surprise for any of us.

    2. Right on Adam.

      "I bet that the Idiotest, Harvey's Feud and Hellevator marathons bombed super hard in November if it comes as no surprise for any of us."

      Although I cannot provide you exact numbers, we can tell a little bit from the primetime/total day averages. The Idiotest, Family Feud and Hellevator marathons consumed a combined 17 hours of the 138 GSN's weekly programming hours. The marathons consumed about 12% of GSN's total programming hours.

      Primetime/total day averages:
      November 16-22: 363K/305K
      November 23-29: 356K/309K (the week of the three Thanksgiving marathons)
      November 30-December 6: 356K/308K

      So the marathons could not have hurt (or helped) that badly. If they did hurt GSN badly, the total day number for the week of November 23rd would have be down notably.

    3. To note something: Hellevator aired it`s marathon in late night. A smart move for them considering airing it in prime time might of dropped their numbers for the week.

    4. God remember when Family Feud shtick was all about dumb answers from contestants before it was replaced with dirty raunchy humor?

      I do!

  2. I remember there was a Card Sharks\Family Feud marathon. Both were classics. If they ran for 8-12 hours today, fasns would jump for joy, but the ratings would be a disaster. If GSN did a Jim Perry marathon all morning, it might be the same story.

    1. Presumably GSNthe Know, if it was Card Sharks or Sale of the Century for Perry maybe. but let's face it, GSN doesn't care about its classic fans anymore since its all about getting the younger demographic now-a-days.

      At least, Wink Martindale gave a tribute of five episodes mini-marathon of Sale as the closest thing well get to it.

      Thanks Wink!

  3. Not watching face aking butt waving Feud for Christmas, will not watch New Years either.

  4. Eh . . . I could go on a rant about how bad GSN sucks, but it would just be a waste of breath. For classics fans, just enjoy the few classics that remain on weekday mornings and be grateful that we got our two-week WML/IGAS treat this Christmas. Other than that, just head for YouTube.

  5. ANNOUNCER: Your watching GSN...the Network for pissed off viewers!

    1. VO: Game Show Network. No play, all day.

    2. VO: Game Show Network. No play, all day.