Thursday, December 17, 2015

GSN releases holiday-themed advertisement not featuring 'The Chase' or 'Hellevator'

GSN has published a holiday-themed on-air advertisement linked here. The advertisement only features Idiotest, Chain Reaction (Catherwood) and Family Feud (Harvey). The advertisement excludes The Chase, which remains on the schedule in Tuesday primetime, Friday primetime and Saturday afternoon, as well as Hellevator, which is off the schedule effective next week. The advertisement also excludes Skin Wars, which will not return on the schedule until January.

This continues to signal towards cancellation of The Chase and Hellevator. In October, a week after the Steampunk'd finale, GSN aired an on-air promo of all their original shows (and Harvey Feud) excluding Steampunk'd. Steampunk'd was cancelled soonafter.

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