Thursday, December 31, 2015

GSN in 2015: How I would have done it

As we close 2015 and our 2015 GSN recap, here is how I would have "played God" with GSN in 2015, particularly with scheduling and acquisitions rather than the format of shows themselves.

*The Chase and Baggage On The Road would have been renewed at the March upfronts. The Chase would have gotten twenty hour-long episodes and then forty half-hour episodes for Baggage On The RoadSkin Wars: Fresh Paint would also have been granted a seven hour-long episode order at the upfronts rather than a special.
*Baggage On The Road Season 2 would have premiered Wednesday, June 10th at 8pm ET, leading into Skin Wars at 9pm ET then Idiotest at 10pm and 10:30pm ET. 20 episodes (half) of Baggage On The Road would have aired from June 10th-August 12th as lead-in to Skin Wars.
*Idiotest would have went on hiatus after August 12th (40 half-hour episodes would have been cycled through).
*There would have been no Skin Wars/Idiotest hiatus on July 1st, thus ending the Skin Wars season a week earlier.
*Steampunk'd would have premiered a week earlier (August 12th at 10pm ET as Skin Wars finale lead-out with the remaining weeks Wednesday at 9pm ET) and ended September 30th. Skin Wars-Fresh Paint would have been the Steampunk'd lead-in from August 19th to September 30th at 8pm ET.
*Hellevator would have premiered Wednesday, October 7th from 8-10pm ET (two hour premiere) and would have aired Wednesdays at 8pm ET through November 18th. The 25 remaining episodes of Idiotest would have resumed Wednesdays at 10pm and 10:30pm ET starting October 7th and ending Wednesday, January 6th (one week hiatus on 11/25).
*Super Password would have returned to the 11am and 11:30am ET morning slots. Shop 'Til You Drop and Catch 21 never would have been put in mornings. Pre-1990's would have filled the entire 8am-12pm ET block.
*Man Versus Fly never would have made it to air.
*It Takes a Church would have been the lead-out from new episodes of The Chase Tuesdays at 9pm ET in the eight weeks leading up to MMC (February 3-March 24).
*Monopoly Millionaires' Club would have made it to air Tuesday, March 31st.
*New episodes of The Chase would have aired from January 27th through March 31st in the Tuesday 8pm ET timeslot, as lead-in to Monopoly Millionaires' Club at 9pm ET on March 31st. Reruns of The Chase would have aired through the spring and early summer as lead-in to MMC.
*The remaining ten episodes of The Chase would have been cycled through from July 16-September 17 Thursdays at 8pm ET, with the first twenty episodes of Chain Reaction as lead-out. Chain Reaction would go on hiatus after Thursday, September 17th.
*The first two seasons of Hollywood Game Night would have been acquired, which accumulates to a little over two dozen hour-long episodes. These would have filled at least an hour of primetime slots on both Mondays and Fridays, instead of tireless Idiotest, The Newlywed Game and Family Feud reruns.
*Season 5 of The Chase would have premiered Tuesday, January 5th, 2016.
*The remaining 20 half-hour episodes of Chain Reaction and Baggage On The Road would air for 10 weeks as lead-out to The Chase starting January 5, 2016. Chain Reaction at 9pm and 9:30pm ET following The Chase then Baggage On The Road at 10pm and 10:30pm ET.

Questions? Comments? How would you have done GSN differently in 2015 within reason?


  1. Have you gotten any word about the game 'Head in a Bag'? It's been a hit in Japan and a couple other foreign countries. Rumor on the interwebs is they might bring it to our little niche. The game is edgy as people have their head wrapped in a ziploc bag and perform stunts until they feel light-headed from lack of air. It appeals to a younger demographic than the next to dead crowd that normally invades GSN. Look it up and see what you think.

  2. Now is it just me or has new ideas for game shows has gotten dumber and dumber as we speak?

  3. "The game is edgy as people have their head wrapped in a ziploc bag and perform stunts until they feel light-headed from lack of air."

    Sounds deadly.

    "Now is it just me or has new ideas for game shows has gotten dumber and dumber as we speak?"

    No, it's not just you. Look at Man Versus Fly.

    1. I'm sure they have to sign a waiver a mile long so the network isn't liable. This sounds goofy enough to fly. And is it just me, or does the original post sound like someone that likes to poke fun at me? Just sayin...

    2. "No, it's not just you. Look at Man versus Fly"

      Sorry Scott R., but I rather not!

  4. Keep to the traditional prime time schedule (TWTh 8-10pm) for new episodes. No Fridays. Maybe use the 10pm for an "adult" show like Skin Wars or Baggage on the Road. I might try layering Idiotest and Chain Reaction (Idiotest at 8 and 9, Chain Reaction at 8:30 and 9:30) rather than back to back of the same show.

    I would certainly trade the Jim Perry version of Card Sharks for Super Password and/or Sale of the Century returning to daytime. Or have them all for a 3 hr. block 9-12 ET. I'd rather have Pyramid at either 9am or 10am to match its 80's time slot. Maybe switch it with the Eubanks Card Sharks (was 9:30/10:30am in the 80's and would follow the Perry Card Sharks).

  5. How about for this for 2016?

    Assume Idiotest and Chain Reaction have 26 new episodes each. Instead of running double episodes of each for 13 weeks, why not do one new episode of Idiotest followed by one new episode of Chain Reaction for 26 weeks? You get 26 hours of new programming but instead of 13 of each stretch each for 26 weeks.

  6. Schmolik: I like your ideas with Idiotest and Chain Reaction. Personally, I have thought of that.

    With Skin Wars, I can only see GSN leaving new runs of Skin Wars at 9pm ET where it has done very well. I can't imagine GSN moving Skin Wars to 10pm ET because they probably want Skin Wars as lead-in to some of their others new originals.

  7. Here's what I would have done:
    Fix the stale morning lineup.
    Double dose of MG and 2 different kinds of CS are not that good. PYL has been cycled once already.
    They should not have renewed Idiotest.
    Show not putting up good numbers. Host is a smart-ass and arrogant. Bias shown here on the blog by Scott for his love of the show.
    I would move new marquee shows episodes from 8 or 9 to 10pm.
    10pm is a solid spot on cable.