Tuesday, December 29, 2015

GSN in 2015: Grading major aspects of the network from A to F

In yesterday's post, giving GSN a "B" for 2015 was too generous. Below, I rate my original three most important aspects of the network and a fourth bonus one that is very important in our current world:

Original programming
This was truly a disaster on GSN this past year. Baggage On The Road was a mixed bag of ratings. Lie Detectors was one of the biggest failures and short-lived original programs on GSN ever. The second season of It Takes a Church crashed big. As the Summer and Fall went on, Idiotest showed large declines and should have been given a hiatus while Skin Wars showed a slight decline from 2014. Mainly thanks to programming mistakes (timeslot and time of year), Steampunk'd and Hellevator started strong but then bombed big. Last, GSN put their major hit, The Chase, the only show besides Skin Wars and Chain Reaction that actually worked for them this year, on the bench to give other shows more attention, which failed. 

When it came to content of original shows, those with little critiques and overall improvements in 2015 were The Chase, It Takes a Church, Chain Reaction and Idiotest. Baggage On The Road was overall worse than the original 2010-12 version while Lie Detectors was just the worst thing ever on GSN. Skin Wars increased their game in pointless guest judges and contestant fighting this past summer. Steampunk'd had endless contestant fighting, was overall darker than Skin Wars and had very bad (and no-name) judges. Hellevator had its problems everywhere but did deliver as a horror game show.

When it comes to renewals, GSN should get a failing grade for not renewing hit show The Chase but at least they got Skin Wars for two more seasons and Skin Wars: Fresh Paint a full season run. Chain Reaction, like The Chase, had renewable numbers. Steampunk'd and Hellevator had the potential for a short-run second season or 1 to 2 episode special (for 18-49 sake). Last, with a failing Lie Detectors, It Takes a Church and other projects that never made it to air on the development slate, Baggage On The Road should have been renewed.

Original programming grade for 2015: D-

Modern acquisitions
Nothing happened here. No Celebrity Name Game or Hollywood Game Night, which one or the other should have been on the schedule by now. Meanwhile, Monopoly Millionaires' Club, which would have been great on GSN, was pulled at the last second. Only lots of Family Feud.

Modern acquisitions grade for 2015: F

For pre-1990's, we still have 15 hours a week of the older shows. But, this past Spring GSN tried to replace the pre-1990's with Shop 'Til You Drop, Catch 21 and O'Hurley Feud, which worked out very badly and was short-lived. Another attempt to eliminate anything that's not from after 2000 in daytime failed again.

Classics grade for 2015: D

Social media
This was another mess. At times, for weeks and months on end, GSN's Twitter page was left blank. When GSN's Twitter and Facebook page had someone updating them, a lot of entries had to do with Man Versus Fly and little focus was put on what was actually on the television network. Meanwhile, other pages, like The Chase and Chain Reaction were also left blank for a while while Hellevator, Idiotest and Skin Wars were left very active.

I understand GSN is still looking for a social media manager, according to their careers website (if that is up to date). But GSN just fell behind in social media this year, which is an important aspect here in the 2010's decade and especially important if you want to drag in younger viewers to the network!!!

Social media grade for 2015: F

GSN's overall grade for 2015, from this very post and yesterday's post, calculates to a D.


  1. I think GSN wants to gradually move away from "traditional game shows" to more Skin Wars type programming. They try to mess with the daytime schedule and then move The Chase, Idiotest, and Chain Reaction to set them up to fail (late night/ Friday night). They air new episodes of Chain Reaction on Christmas Night and New Year's Night? They couldn't wait until after New Year's to air the new episodes? Or are they just trying to "burn them off"?

  2. they are negro black gsn now.... the ghetto show network.