Saturday, December 5, 2015

Does 'Hellevator' best game show nomination trigger renewal?

This past week, Hellevator was among five game shows nominated for NATPE's Reality Breakthrough nominees. @midnight, Billy On The Street, Celebrity Family Feud and Hollywood Game Night all top the list. My money is on either Celebrity Family Feud or Hollywood Game Night taking the gold.

With the very below average Hellevator ratings, does this rare spotlight of recognition for one of GSN's shows push GSN to renew Hellevator?

Doubtful. The ratings are just that bad.

Hellevator is GSN's most expensive original, so ratings would have to be much better to trigger renewal. In the six weeks of episodes that have aired, Hellevator contestants have taken $161,340. Add props and extras, by far GSN's most expensive current production and very likely one of their most expensive productions ever.

If Hellevator does get life in 2016, GSN knows now to get smart and not drag the run out through November and December. But, looking at how GSN axed two primetime Hellevator rerun slots this week and a series low in ratings for its latest new episode Wednesday, renewal is looking less and less likely by the day.


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