Friday, December 18, 2015


Mike Catherwood-hosted Chain Reaction returns tonight on GSN at 8pm and 8:30pm ET. The episodes will encore at 11pm and 11:30pm ET and new runs will continue to air on Fridays throughout the winter. 15 half-hour episodes remain for Chain Reaction this season.

This is a very good revival of Chain Reaction and overall better than the 2006-07 version. If you have not read our review from the summer, Chain Reaction is great with Mike Catherwood. This version has a great set, an improved host, smooth gameplay and most importantly, a much improved end game from the Dylan Lane days.

Remember, if you want a traditional game show, Chain Reaction with Mike Catherwood is it. This past year, GSN has poured a lot of non-traditional shows on us, whether a non-traditional game show like Hellevator or non-traditional shows altogether like Skin Wars and Steampunk'd. Keep watching Chain Reaction if you want to see more of it on the network later next year.

GSN is holding off their decision for Chain Reaction renewal until they see the ratings for these upcoming episodes.

In its first twenty-four episodes this season (excluding the afternoon sneak-peak), this revival of Chain Reaction has averaged 414,000 total viewers and 87,000 18-49 viewers, with approximately 21% of viewers under 50 years old.

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