Friday, December 11, 2015


Jen and Sylvia:
Vacate the planet-get the Hell(evator) off GSN
What is wrong with those Soska sisters?? They blocked us out on Twitter (no worries, there are other ways of accessing their Twitter through the mobile site and logging out). We're posting an anti-Soska sisters rant because they choose to ignore us just because we have to report the bad Hellevator ratings. No disrespect to the Hellevator crew or anyone else involved with the production.

Jen and Sylvia Soska, @twisted_twins on Twitter, are so upset with the poor Hellevator ratings that they have blocked our Twitter account, @greatgameshows, out on Twitter, as displayed by this image.

In fact, besides from following Jen and Sylvia on Twitter since the summer, we have also followed some of their fan bases, the GSN Hellevator page, Jason Blum and BlumHouse productions (all associated with Hellevator). Jen and Sylvia have also retweeted and liked our tweets in September and October, you know, the only months when news for Hellevator was still positive.

We need to cancel Hellevator and ban Jen and Sylvia Soska from ever appearing on GSN again. Hellevator, actually a good production, was an awful fit for GSN. The Soska sisters are the worst GSN hosts ever! They are both boring, dull, annoying sounding, extremely unattractive (absolutely unbearable to look at and listen to), rarely appear and never interact with the contestants. What game show features a host that never interacts with the contestants?

We still do not have that December 21-27 advanced schedule, but we are almost sure Hellevator will be gone soon. Have you seen the Hellevator numbers? They are awful!

Ban Jen and Sylvia Soska from GSN. Nobody (and looking at the ratings, nearly nobody), wants them on the network any longer.

Remember, Hellevator was the lowest rated show in GSN's lineup last Wednesday twice.

Jen and Sylvia Soska need to go, leave GSN and the rest of television and film forever and never come back.


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  2. They did WHAT? Oh my god! I am SO going to unfollow them as soon as possible!

  3. What a bunch of egotistical bitches. Excuse my language, but that is pathetic that they blocked the Twitter account just because ratings are terrible. I never followed the show to begin and may this show rot in hell for all eternity.

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  5. Pretty immature backlash from GSNN.
    Buzzerblog would never do such nonsense.

    1. Gee... I wonder who wrote this comment... let me think about this for a second...

    2. Rahner. He has several alter egos on here to make it look like people post to his blog regularly. That Tammy Cock Blocked or whatever her name is? That's him.

  6. I agree. Cancel that show, right now! Look at these women, they're all covered in blood!

  7. The rant is a bit excessive, but I do get the gist of it, in the sense that the media today is biased. Regardless of whether you post on Twitter, Facebook, etc., whenever you have something positive to say, it gets liked and retweeted over and over again. On the flipside, if you say anything negative at all, even something that could be interpreted as being negative, the comment you wrote is removed or you're blocked from posting.

    Anyways, it's their Twitter account; they can do whatever they want and block whomever they want. It won't change the fact that the ratings of their program are low and thus don't support renewal for another season.

    @Anonymous - To be fair, Buzzerblog is also somewhat biased when it comes to people posting comments on their site. A few months ago when I still visited there for game show news, many of the comments I posted, which were "waiting for approval" after I hit the submit button, never ended up being displayed on their site. This includes one I wrote where I gave my opinion that Regis was the best host of Millionaire and that I had hoped they would bring back the old music for the questions this season (which ultimately they didn't). But the be-all-and-end-all of it was that Buzzerblog didn't like my opinion/comment, so they deleted it, instead of approving my post. It didn't have any profanity or disparaging remarks, but they didn't like what I had to say anyway. So again, that's fine. It's their site, they can do with it as they please, but because of that incident, I no longer post there and I look elsewhere for game show news.

  8. No one wants to see those stupid women anyway, much less Hellevator. I can't even stand to watch the commercials or previews for that show. I pretty much watch GSN off and on weekdays from 8am until 11am, then I am done with it for the day, and that will continue to be the case.