Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Update: GSN press release on 'Winsanity'

Now through a GSN press release, Winsanity has been officially green-lit for 40 half-hour episodes. As reported earlier today, Comedian and Actor Donald Faison formerly from Scrubs hosts the series.

According to GSN, Winsanity will begin production in early 2016.

From the GSN press release (on Winsanity gameplay):
"Each half-hour episode of WINSANITY features a contestant attempting to rank ten compelling and surprising facts in numerical order, from lowest to highest (i.e.: Which is greater: the number of times a man thinks about sex in a day, or the number of words a woman speaks in a day?).  Every time a contestant is correct and wins a prize, so does a randomly selected portion of the studio audience. However, if a contestant gives a wrong answer at any point, they, and the audience lose everything, and a new contestant takes his or her place and continues the game, trying to win prizes that increase in value with each round. "

GSN's press release notes that Winsanity host Donald Faison is a two-time winner of BET's comedy award. Is this GSN trying to spin off the success of Steve Harvey with Family Feud, or will it lead to DeRay Davis on Mind of a Man?


  1. With this, this could go either way. The reason MOAM flopped was because of bad ratings and a dumb premise. The premise of this show makes sense and it's like a memory game of sorts. I expect to see this come spring. With the host, at least he's recognizable. I just hope he doesn't turn it into a stand-up routine if you know what I mean.

    1. Well Adam, Mind of a Man flopped because of the premise, which led to bad ratings. :)

      But Winsanity overall sounds like a better deal than Mind of a Man.

    2. I'll watch Winsanity, but you know with GSN viewers, they have a different taste. If one of their favorite shows gets taken off, they go bananas over it.

  2. What a dumb fucking show.