Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Three things GSN greenlighting 'Winsanity' means

Today, as eventually expected, GSN green-lit 40 half-hour episodes of game show Winsanity to be hosted by Donald Faison. Looking at how things are going lately with Game Show Network, the following three things are very possible:

GSN trying to find the next Steve Harvey...again

Winsanity host Donald Faison
GSN previously tried this with DeRay Davis on Mind of a Man and that worked out negatively. It was too bad, because Mind of a Man had a great premise which GSN could not demonstrate to its best potential. Since Winsanity first surfaced on GSN's development slate about a year ago, I thought it had a good premise.

While Steve Harvey has been lighting up the numbers with Family Feud the past five years, that example has inspired other game shows like Let's Ask America (Bill Bellamy) and Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? (Cedric the Entertainer) to find their "Steve Harvey". Donald Faison is a black comedian, like Steve Harvey. Faison, as noted in today's press release, won BET's Comedy Award twice (a long time ago, in 2002 and 2004).

GSN is likely trying to see if Donald Faison can give Winsanity the Steve Harvey spark. Winsanity is a studio-based game show that Skin Wars, Skin Wars: Fresh Paint and Hellevator are not, so those who consider themselves in the "traditionalist" field out there should give this one a try.

Quizzers, but dumber quizzers are now GSN's thing

With the young-skewing popularity of Idiotest, GSN wants to appeal to that audience. While The Chase is a hard-core, very brainy quizzer, Idiotest and Winsanity involve more puzzles and "guessing" answers.

The Chase is likely cancelled

Since the March upfronts, where The Chase easily could have been renewed for a fifth season if GSN still liked The Chase, we have seen four series get green-lit (Steampunk'd, Hellevator, Skin Wars: Fresh Paint, Winsanity), two imported (Lie Detectors and Man Versus Fly) and two renewed (Skin Wars, Idiotest). It can easily be seen GSN does not want to make more episodes of The Chase.


  1. It's a shame, because I'm sure the success of The Chase inspired ABC to go with 500 Questions, which is just as tough, yet much cheaper to produce and already has been renewed for a 2nd season. And likewise, 500 Questions probably played a part in NBC greenlighting QuizUp America, for network competition reasons.

    It's also sad, because I remember when The Chase got renewed before the premiere even aired, so obviously Amy liked what she saw about it. And back then, I think it was on Twitter that GSN sent out a tweet asking what other British game shows we'd like to see, and everyone tweeted back saying The Cube. I also remember when Mark and Brooke and Ben actually did live commercial promos for The Chase and Idiotest, instead of just commercials with the GSN announcer showing clips of the show.

    Guess I was wrong. I thought the success of The Chase would spark a new relationship between ITV and GSN when it came to producing game shows. Now it looks like that relationship has died, thanks to GSN.

    Winsanity looks like another cheap Idiotest to be honest. It might do well in the demo, but I doubt it'll get anywhere close to the total viewers that The Chase always gets on a weekly basis. I'll watch it. I think it'll go the route of Mind of a Man, though.

    1. Greenlighting this show means bad news for both Chase and Chain Reaction. It's sad that today, this generation is entertained by low brow humor like Family Feud provides unlike the classy and sophisticated shows like Chase, Match Game, Pyramid, and so on. Thanks to Buzzr and YouTube, we can relive all the classic game show moments we all know and love to this day. I would take a Match Game or Pyramid revival any day than what GSN puts out.

    2. I'll put the over/under for how many times they refer to guy/girl parts at 10 per show. If you don't say d*cks, teats or pu**y in every show these days it's considered a failure. Very sad day in TV.

    3. This isn't Donald Faison's first foray into the game/reality hosting business, his first was ''Who Gets the Last Laugh?'' for which started and ended on TBS in 2013.

      Although for you guys probably might not care and/or never heard of this show in particular anyway which is find since it flopped of course.

    4. correction: Fine not Fine.

      my apologies.

    5. correction again: Fine not Find.

      again my apologies.

  2. Not interested. Wake me up when there's a show thst doesn't pander to the 18-34 with "suggestive dialogue".

  3. "Although for you guys probably might not care and/or never heard of this show in particular anyway which is find since it flopped of course."

    Winsanity has a much better premise than Faison's TBS project. I barely remember "Who Gets the Last Laugh?" because of how quickly it came and went, as you said. I have caution here because I am afraid Winsanity, a show with a good premise like Mind of a Man, will go the way of Mind of a Man knowing GSN's history.

    "Not interested. Wake me up when there's a show thst doesn't pander to the 18-34 with "suggestive dialogue"."

    This is a very valid point but GSN targets 25-54, not 18-34. If GSN's goal was to capture the 18-34, all their current shows do not come close to reaching high numbers in that very young demographic.

  4. Well Scott R., the series was a hidden camera show where it pits three guests comedians vs. comedic actors/actresses against one another to see who can pull the most outrageous pranks possible as they unleash their idea to the public.

    Along with a live audience who then determines which comedian or comedic actor really got the "Last Laugh" with the winner earning $10,000 to be given to the charity of his or her choice.

    So what do you think?