Wednesday, November 25, 2015

This weekend on GSN: 'Hellevator', 'Idiotest' and 'The Chase' in reruns; bland holiday marathons

Thanksgiving is approaching tomorrow which means changes for special programming all around the schedule occur.

Starting tonight, Hellevator (8pm ET) and Idiotest (10pm and 10:30pm ET) will air in reruns. Tonight's episode of Hellevator originally aired October 28th (the second episode aired). Tonight's episodes of Idiotest are from September 2015. Please look at the GSN advanced schedules on the right (desktop version only) if you would like to see more on the episode numbers.

On Friday night, The Chase (8pm ET) will also be in reruns this week. The rerun was the Season 4 premiere (1/27/2015). New episodes of Hellevator (December 2nd 8pm ET), Idiotest (December 2nd 10pm ET) and The Chase (December 4th 8pm ET) return next week.

"Special" holiday marathons

GSN will air holiday marathons of already shown enough Idiotest, Family Feud and Hellevator. Idiotest will run on Thanksgiving from 5pm to 9pm ET. Family Feud (Harvey, of course) will air Friday 10am-8pm ET. Hellevator will air Saturday latenight 12am-3am ET.


  1. I like the 'boring' graphic you used, since it really sums this one up. I don't even know why GSN calls this a special marathon, because it's not. When you air multiple hours of Family Feud back-to-back EVERY SINGLE DAY on the normal schedule, it's already getting its own daily marathon as it is.

    An Idiotest marathon is understandable, considering how it only airs sporadically on the Monday-Friday schedule, though it does already have marathons on the weekends.

    A Hellevator marathon is absurd. Whoever came up with this decision should get thrown into a lake and left there for all eternity. The show has ZERO rerun value, it's already dying because of Christmas, and on top of that, you're advertising a marathon that airs AFTER MIDNIGHT. No one is going to stay up late to watch this, and considering how it's MIDNIGHT on a SATURDAY, the total viewer numbers will probably be the lowest Hellevator has ever seen throughout all of the new and rerun episodes that GSN has aired to date.

    No CR marathon. No Chase marathon. No Game Show Gone Bananas, or anything else that isn't already plastered enough on the regular schedule, marathon. I even miss Throwback Thursdays; at least GSN aired different shows during that block.

    At least CN is more intelligent, airing a new episode of The Intruder during that night.

    1. What I would have done:
      8am-2pm: Jim Perry tribute marathon
      2-9pm: Idiotest

      8am-12pm: Family Feud (Dawson/Combs)
      12-8pm: Family Feud (Harvey)
      8pm-1am: Hellevator