Saturday, November 21, 2015

The two biggest winners of 'Skin Wars' thus far: Robin Slonina and Craig Tracy

Skin Wars permanent judges from the start:
Craig Tracy (left), Robin Slonina (center)
and RuPaul (right).
Before Skin Wars, you could have Googled their names and next-to-nothing would have come up. Now, they are well known in the body painting world. I am talking about our two Skin Wars winners thus far, Natalie Fletcher and Lana Chromium. But, there are two other Skin Wars personalities that have benefited far more.

Skin Wars has done much more to the careers of judges Robin Slonina and Craig Tracy. 

Currently, after doing Google searches for both of them, Robin and Craig (especially Robin), they are immediately associated with Skin Wars, Rebecca Romijn, RuPaul or each other.

Craig Tracy noted earlier in 2015 that many people had recognized him at body painting expos and fairs because of Skin Wars.

I do not mean to say Robin Slonina and Craig Tracy were "nobodies" in the body painting world before Skin Wars, because they were far from "nobodies". However, Skin Wars and GSN have definitely helped their careers. Meanwhile, RuPaul and Rebecca Romijn were already very well known before Skin Wars, where the show only pushed their careers further but gave much more of a boost to the lesser-known Slonina and Tracy. I also feel like Slonina and Tracy have gotten more attention from Skin Wars than the two winners, Natalie Fletcher and Lana Chromium. Of course both winners were seen on national television in front of millions of viewers, but the judges appear on every episode of every season and hence attract way more eyeballs than a single contestant or winner. It's sort of like NBC's The Voice-the winners fade out after the finale but a lot of the show's publicity season to season goes to the ongoing celebrity cast. Fletcher and Chromium have done well for themselves but have seen Slonina and Tracy visible much more.

Season 3 of Skin Wars kicks off on GSN in January.

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