Thursday, November 12, 2015

'Skin Wars' Season 3 to premiere on GSN in January (UPDATE: 'IDIOTEST' LIKELY FOR JANUARY ALSO)

According to a GSN on-air advertisement during last night's Hellevator, GSN is now moving up Season 3 of Skin Wars to premiere in January.

Skin Wars was renewed for a third season in August almost immediately after its second season ended. For its third season, Rebecca Romijn returns as host. RuPaul Charles, Robin Slonina and Craig Tracy return to the judges table. The only reported guest judge for the upcoming season at the moment is former Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson. However, it is expected there are more guest judges to be officially announced.

This week and last week, filming has taken place for the third season of Skin Wars.

As for Idiotest...

It is also very likely that the upcoming episodes of Idiotest, that are being filmed this week and next week, are likely to be paired up with Skin Wars or at least premiere in the winter months. Through social media, we have pictures of inside the filming of Idiotest. It does not appear there are any set changes.

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