Sunday, November 22, 2015

Low scoring 'Idiotest' episode

Last night on GSN, the Idiotest episode from this past Wednesday (November 18th) aired again. What a low scoring game this was.

Caution: There are spoilers below

At the end of two rounds in one of the Wednesday episodes (the non-holiday themed episode), the score was $20 to $0. Never have I seen a score so low. The final score ended up $470 to $0 going into the final, so the winning team entered with some more money than some other winning teams in the past.

The final round actually amazed me, considering the below average contestants. No, there was not a $10,000 win. But, it was close. Both contestants touched the same answer and their answer, which turned out to be incorrect, was actually a very smart choice and would have been the next best correct answer. For a moment, I thought the team had won the $10,000 until the correct answer was revealed. This was the "Match" puzzle with pencils spelling out "Match".

There is no wonder why GSN saved this episode for the second of the two for the hour and at the tail end of the season. I know it is hard being on television, but definitely some of the weaker contestants of this season's bunch.

The final episode of Idiotest for Season 2 airs Wednesday, December 2nd at 10pm ET on GSN.

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