Friday, November 13, 2015

Lack of press releases?

The last time GSN had any big news to report to the media was a ratings report six weeks ago about very positive numbers from their third quarter on October 1st.

It is very rare within the history of GSN publishing press releases that there has been this long of a six-week gap.

Within the next month, likely before Christmas, I expect some sort of bulk release from GSN about all their shows. We need to finally officially hear about Idiotest getting renewed for a third season, the status of Winsanity, The Chase and Hellevator and last, the fact that Skin Wars is coming in January.

I say this because the past two years, GSN has released a bulk list of statuses for green-lit originals and projects in development outside of the time of their upfronts (June 2013 release and November 2014 release). There is no guarantee that GSN will do this for this year, but I think it is well overdue for GSN to at least finally announce the Idiotest renewal.

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