Tuesday, November 3, 2015

'Idiotest' renewal delayed due to unknown number of contestant applicants

Nearly two months ago (September 14th), casting calls for Idiotest starting circulating the internet from GSN, thus nearly confirming a third season renewal. However, in the recent weeks, GSN has been waiting on how many episodes they should order, whether 65 or 130 half-hour episodes. The first season of Idiotest had 40 half-hour episodes and the current season has 65 half-hour episodes. 

It appears GSN is pushing for as many episodes of Idiotest they can get, considering the young-skewing demographics of the show and how cheap it is to produce an order of episodes (Idiotest is one of GSN's cheaper current originals). It is obvious GSN has been pushing for more episodes through many on-air advertisements for Idiotest casting.

Currently, those who applied to be on Idiotest earlier in the Fall have gotten callbacks in recent weeks. It looks that the more contestants that apply to Idiotest means the more episodes that will get ordered.

To confirm Idiotest is still casting, it is still active on GSN's website and another casting call was sent out less than two weeks ago on RealityWanted.

For this season, 7 half-hour episodes remain (counting the two episodes airing this Wednesday at 9pm and 9:30pm ET).

Additionally, there are similar delays with Winsanity with casting and other production issues as there have been through the majority of the past year, which is why it still has not been green-lit to air although a pilot was ordered in March.

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