Saturday, November 28, 2015

How I would do GSN's 2015 holiday marathons

While the Thanksgiving weekend marathons were unexciting and kept me away from GSN, it is almost time to turn to the Christmas and New Years' GSN marathons.

Christmas and New Years' Day are both on Fridays this year, which means GSN should retain their marathons to the two Thursdays (12/24 and 12/31) and Fridays (12/25 and 1/1).

First, we need a Jim Perry tribute marathon. Jim Perry's Card Sharks and Sale of the Century have been shown on GSN for years on and off (but mostly on for Card Sharks). I get how GSN is moving away from the traditional game shows, but when a host dies of a show they air daily, they should do a marathon.

At the same time, Jim Perry's death came at a relatively inconvenient time. The news about Perry's death broke late in the day the Friday before Thanksgiving. GSN would have needed to organize a marathon the following Monday for later in the week, when marathons were already planned for Thanksgiving. I cannot blame GSN for not having a marathon ready quickly this past week, but eventually there should definitely be a marathon and they could have moved fast if they really wanted to.

The Jim Perry tribute marathon, consisting of Card Sharks and Sale of the Century, should take place on Christmas Day between 8am and 6pm ET.

After the Jim Perry Tribute I mentioned for Christmas, I would put two hours of Steve Harvey Family Feud from 6-8pm and then a Catherwood Chain Reaction marathon in Friday primetime and beyond from 8pm to 12am ET. Why Chain Reaction? New episodes of Chain Reaction launch Friday, December 18th and then likely go on a two week hiatus (it is not likely GSN will air new episodes of an original on Christmas or New Years). The marathon should raise awareness for Chain Reaction's return to Fridays.

Besides the proposed Jim Perry tribute, I highly doubt GSN will go much further in the way of pre-1990's. That is where Family Feud and recent originals come in. I would fill the rest of the days with the latest originals such as The Chase, Chain Reaction, Idiotest and possibly Skin Wars in preparation for its upcoming third season.

I would close out 2015 with a day full of Family Feud and Hellevator, just to burn off another Hellevator marathon (GSN is going to anyway).

As for the Skin Wars marathon, prior to the Season 2 launch in June, GSN had a Season 1 marathon which actually did pretty well. Season 3 of Skin Wars is right around the corner, so a marathon is likely to happen sometime in January.

Summing up of how I would do 2015 holiday marathons:
Christmas Eve: Family Feud from 12-8pm ET; The Chase 8pm-12am ET.
Christmas Day: Card Sharks and/or Sale of the Century from 8am-6pm ET; Chain Reaction (Catherwood) 8pm-12am ET.
New Years' Eve: Family Feud from 12pm-6pm ET; The entire run of Hellevator from 6pm-2am ET.
New Years' Day: Skin Wars Season 2 from 8am-6pm ET. Idiotest from 6pm-9pm ET.


  1. NO MORE FAMILY FEUD MARATHONS!!!! This just showshow GSN needs to get GAME SHOWS for their schedule. Have a marathon of the classic shows (Match Game, Press Your Luck, both Card Sharks and 25,000/100,000 $ Pyramid). How about a Lingo marathon? A Catch 21/Pyramid marathon. Like last year show the 2hr holiday episode of Deal Or No Deal. Enough with the Family Feud Network. Give us more. By the way NO TO HELLEVATOR. Once it is over IT`S OVER!!!

  2. Replies
    1. ...or SHN
      Steve Harvey Network


  3. WOnder if GSN will do the Black and WHite Overnight shows(WML, TTTT, and/or IGAS) for two weeks in December like they have the past few years?

  4. Sorry to go on an unrelated note here, but Buzzr not only drop the ball once but twice as we did not have a Holiday marathon during Halloween but also Thanksgiving as well, so that leaves only Christmas and New Years as the only two left for surprise as they already gotten two strikes from fans and I'm pretty sure they don't want to pick up a third one or GSN may get a "chance to steal" for the win to end this year (even if its a high or sour note).

    (no pun intended by the way)

  5. With GSN, they'll probably have 2 days of Family Feud and 2 days of Idiotest if they had it their way. I do NOT want to see Hellevator back on the schedule after it wraps up in mid December. How about a day dedicated to classics only. Just like how the old GSN used to be. Like I said, they'll just more likely have Feud or Idiotest fillling their schedule.

  6. Honestly Adam, we've already been through those bland marathon in November and I'm sure we don't want to go through those again in December, I mean what about those two surprises that GSN has given us in 2014 with What's My Line at 25 and TV's Funniest Game Show Moments ABC specials from 1975 and 1984 respectively, Line at 25 has been re-aired in 40 years while TV's Funniest hasn't been re-aired in 31. Those were awesome and I would love to see them acquire another rare classic special or a classic game show episode that hasn't been aired for years but then again the could give us the middle finger to its viewers once more but will see what happens in the next month.

  7. I have to admit that for the most part, these marathon ideas make sense to me. Trouble is, because of the horribly low ratings that the Christmas Press Your Luck got last year (anyone know about the specials?), they're gonna be really against the idea of doing classics in marathons. That's a triple shame because 1) as the PYL guy, I'm disappointed PYL didn't do better, 2) I miss seeing Pyramid on New Years Eve, and 3) it means Jim Perry's memory probably won't be given tribute. I hope at least that 3rd one doesn't happen.

    Far as the current stuff goes, you know there has to be a Feud day, it's a given. Same for Skin Wars going into the new season, that's just good strategy. The rest is pot luck, but I'll back Chase the most.

    Sidebar odd thoughts:
    1) Much as we're tired of Feud, can we get a poll going asking if it's finally time whether they should up the consolation prize from $5/point, and if so, to what?
    2) It's too bad they don't open up the 4 hours they're "off the air" for more classics. Put Joker and Tic Tac back on in those hours or something. No one's watching the infomercials in the middle of the night anyway, why not get some DVR ratings. Yes, I'm realizing I'm presenting what could be a backlash idea, but it's worth a shot.

    1. "Much as we're tired of Feud, can we get a poll going asking if it's finally time whether they should up the consolation prize from $5/point, and if so, to what?"

      Did it, done!

      We have actually had a couple in the past and from what I recall, voters agreed with a higher point $ value and raising the $20,000 prize.

      However, I think Family Feud is playing smart and not raising these amounts until ratings slide and/or Harvey leaves. Then, raising the cash amounts will make it more interesting.

    2. Line at 25 was a special that celebrated moments from the original CBS Primetime version hosted by Arlene Francis, Mark Goodson and John Charles Daly

      While TV's Funniest celebrated the most funniest moments from past Goodson-Todman created game shows hosted by William Shatner (a.k.a Captain James T. Kirk of Star Trek fame)

      Sorry folks but I feel that as for Harvey's Feud, they want to raise the stakes on inserting D*ck and V*gina jokes disguised as survey questions/answers way more than the stakes but then again that's just me.

  8. "we need a Jim Perry tribute marathon"
    What is this We shit? You don't speak for me. GSN doesn't care about the classics. It will be a matter of time, GSN puts in their logo-on screen "GSN Classic" similar to what TV Land does.

    As for Buzzr not having a Thanksgiving marathon.... Same shit different times. They need fresh episodes and December should be it considering there are TONS of Christmas related Game show episodes.

    As for GSN marathons (what I think will happen):
    PYL marathon on Xmas Eve featuring the same episodes that have been cycled twice.
    Xmas: Steve Harvey Family Feud.
    Boxing Day: Chase marathon in honor of that British guy.
    Sunday after Christmas: DOND mini marathon (9-3) followed by more Feud.

    As for the B&W shows of the past: Not gonna happen since Buzzr has them.

  9. So are you saying that no marathon for Buzzr will be shown during Xmas/New Years as well?

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