Wednesday, November 4, 2015

'Hellevator' episode 2 mini-review: Still slow to get to the first challenge

I finally caught the second episode of Hellevator last night. As expected, it is very similar to the first episode which I thought deserved an A- grade back in September

My biggest complaint about Hellevator still is getting to the first challenge. In last week's episode (October 28th), it took eight minutes into the episode to get the contestant to leave the Hellevator (to walk to the challenge) and ten minutes to get into the actual challenge. I like the fact that the contestants get an intro and the Soska sisters get to explain the rules, but there is too much waste time. Overall, Hellevator is dragged out for an hour long episode and I am starting to follow what other reviewers have said when saying Hellevator should be a half-hour show. While I do not completely agree with the half-hour format (that is almost too condensed for how Hellevator is formatted now), there is definitely a lot of waste that does not involve one of the four challenges.

A big positive was last week's challenges. All three were great and the one with the maze (the $15,000 challenge), when the rats came out, gross! I'm glad I was watching from home and was not that contestant.

Also, in a recent post comparing the production expenses of Hellevator and The Chase, I thought The Chase and Hellevator would be about equal when it comes to cost. After last night's episode, I am starting to think differently. The two remaining contestants won $30,080. This tops the contestants from the premiere episode who walked out with $28,000. Could Hellevator be more expensive to produce than The Chase? Hellevator is on track to give away $240,000 throughout eight episodes. Contestants through eight episodes of The Chase get away with less than that.

In a sidebar poll (still operating), 60% of voters thought Hellevator was more expensive to produce than The Chase.

One last observation: In a "Coming Up" feature before going to commercial, Hellevator spoiled one of the challenge's turnouts. Last week's episode cut to commercial in the middle of the first challenge and showed the first challenge contestant back in the Hellevator later rooting on their friend in a later challenge.

Overall, Hellevator is still a good product for what it is suppose to deliver as a "horror game show". I would seriously consider still watching the series if you are into this type of programming.

Hellevator airs new tonight on GSN at 8pm ET.

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