Friday, November 20, 2015

'Hellevator' likely gone forever as ratings continue to fall to hell

Hellevator has one of the biggest downward trends I have even seen for a GSN original. In five weeks which included a mighty premiere and very strong follow up week, Hellevator has averaged 330,000 total viewers and 155,000 18-49 viewers. That is a young-skewing but weak total audience, similar to Steampunk'd.

I do not think Hellevator will get renewed due its falling ratings, poor encore and rerun numbers and high unlikeliness for this horror game show to rise in the numbers in holiday-oriented December.

Hellevator will not get renewed because of how expensive it is to produce. Hellevator only works around Halloween and GSN, like any other network, does not want a show that only works during a very particular time of year.

GSN could bring Hellevator back as a one or two episode special, but again, Hellevator is costly to produce (and they do not do that with Steampunk'd but easily could have). A limited run for Hellevator would be pointless to GSN since they would not be able to have continuous, long term success with it being used only around Halloween.

I believe the most unfortunate news for Hellevator now is that the worst ratings for the series are yet to come in December.


  1. What Aerosmith thought in my mind was right with the Soska Sisters. Bible did well despite the hype, but Hellevator had people tune out as the year got closer to holiday season. How in the world did Blumhouse Productions come up with a bomb like this?

    1. "How in the world did Blumhouse Productions come up with a bomb like this?"

      Wrong network, that's how. I still think Hellevator is a better product than Steampunk'd, Family Trade, It Takes a Church, etc., but I have said since September (maybe before) that Hellevator may have just ended up on the wrong network.

  2. Again three networks could've given the show a chance (or hurt it) depending on how you look at it.

    MTV, SyFy or Chiller.

    But in all fairness, to quote somebody from the comment section at

    "GSN- the network that no one can believe is a network because nobody watches, no one cares about its programming, and as someone unfortunate enough to work with them knows-they are the most unprofessional, inexperienced, and most difficult "network" to deal with. Notoriously horrible beyond reason".