Saturday, November 7, 2015

'Hellevator' and 'The Chase' mini-reviews for November 4th & 6th

I happened to catch both Hellevator and The Chase this week. Caution, there are spoiler alerts for both shows below.

Hellevator did not thrill me this week. The challenges seemed too complicated and too challenging for the time allowed. I think Hellevator, if granted future episodes, should work on lengthening the times of the challenges so there is less waste time in the episode.

The waste time in this episode seemed unbearable compared to the first two episodes. Throughout an entire episode of Hellevator, about 20 minutes of the 42 minute episode is just challenges. The time wasted in this week's episode seemed completely dragged out. When blood trickles through the Hellevator and writing appears painted on the wall in blood, that's interesting. Other than that, the waste bores me. The contestant's "oh my gods" and "holy (bleeps)" I would like to see shortened and more time put into the challenges.

The one remaining contestant was able to escape with a little over $17,000. Throughout three episodes now, Hellevator has given away approximately $77,000.

Last, I have a general observation about the contestants on Hellevator: They are all young. When they have revealed their ages, they have been as young as college and never into their 40's or beyond. Not a complaint necessarily, but just an observation. In case you have not seen the ratings, more than half of the Hellevator audience is under 50.

Over to our very first Friday night installment of The Chase, the firefighters pushed through with a strong fight. They could not get away with $130,000 as Mark Labbett (aka "The Beast") caught the two remaining firefighters in the Final Chase with less than 30 seconds remaining.

One thing very interesting in this week's episode of The Chase: One of the NYFD contestants took the higher offer and put $100,000 in the team's bank.

The Chase > Hellevator for this week

This week, The Chase was by far the better hour of television to watch than Hellevator. The Chase had more excitement, by far a faster pace, contains intelligence and to me, much more suspense. Since their respective series premieres, there have been better episodes of Hellevator and just 'fair' episodes of The Chase.

We get another round of Hellevator and The Chase this week. Catch Hellevator Wednesday at 8pm ET and The Chase Friday at 8pm ET.

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