Friday, November 13, 2015

GSN would have cancelled 'American Bible Challenge' in 2013 if 'The Chase' were a runaway success

What comes out years after the fact is amazing. Turns out GSN "waited on" American Bible Challenge with The Chase (and Minute to Win It too) just like they are doing now waiting on The Chase with the full results of Hellevator.

The second season of American Bible Challenge ended with spectacular ratings in May 2013, with a season finale up from the previous season finale. It took GSN nearly three months to renew American Bible Challenge. You know why?

After the second season of American Bible Challenge and other projects on the line including Minute to Win It, The Chase, Mind of a Man and It Takes a Church, GSN wanted to move forward to potential future hits than sticking with consistent high performer but older-skewing American Bible Challenge.

Similar to what GSN is doing now with The Chase.

Now, although we never really tracked GSN's 18-49 demographics closely until Skin Wars came around, we know that American Bible Challenge was generally not a young-skewing show, minus the premiere.

Who knows if GSN actually would have cancelled American Bible Challenge if The Chase turned out be a runaway success at the time of its premiere. The Chase premiered to great numbers, but nothing record-breaking like GSN may have expected with a show they renewed for a second season a month prior to the series premiere. The Chase premiered on a Tuesday; ratings were released Wednesday and American Bible Challenge was renewed Thursday. Suspicious?

GSN sure waited on the third season of American Bible Challenge. GSN filmed the entire third season in November 2013 and the season did not premiere until six months later (May 2014). It normally takes a GSN original two months to make it to air after the end of its filming. One good reason for GSN waiting on American Bible Challenge was It Takes a Church, which took forever to get to air. But overall, GSN had poor treatment for the delaying of American Bible Challenge throughout the 2013-14 television season.

GSN's irresponsible failure rate has made the primetime schedule unrecognizable over two year periods. Notice in the summer of 2011, originals either brand new or sticking around in the primetime schedule were 1 vs. 100, The Newlywed Game, Baggage, Drew Carey's Improv-a-Ganza, Lingo and Love Triangle. In the summer of 2013, it was totally different with American Bible Challenge (not on the schedule at the time but still a big part of GSN), Minute to Win It and The Chase. By the summer of 2015, only The Chase remained from that latter bunch with Skin Wars, Chain Reaction, Idiotest and Steampunk'd around with many others failing in between.

It makes one wonder which of the current originals, if any, will be around come 2017.


  1. Probably none at all. It reminds me of people complaining that Syfy shows never last beyond 5 seasons. If I was running a network and an original program was consistently among the top in terms of total viewership, I wouldn't hesitate upon renewing it. But then again, we're talking about logic and common sense, which a lot of people today (network execs in particular) are lacking in abundance.

    That's why I'm also cautiously optimistic about the new Star Trek series. God only knows how fast Moonves will cancel it, if it doesn't meet the 18-49 demo they're expecting of it. And with all the hype they're putting around the show, especially surrounding the All Access platform, you can only imagine the outrage among fans if it doesn't at least run 4 full seasons like Enterprise did.

  2. The American Bible Challenge is GSN's most watched program ever, I don't know why the network didn't want it. A network should want to have as many shows that are successful as possible, but if GSN wants to limit themselves, then that's their problem. I quit watching GSN several months ago, and it is primarily because GSN cancelled this show. It looks as if The Chase will be cancelled next month, which won't get me to watch GSN again. Looking at the programming that GSN is airing and will continue to air in the future, who knows when or if I will ever watch GSN again.

    1. Personally I think GSN prefers shows that have 'shock value'. Feud continues to mine for answers like penis and vagina. Bible was a wholesome family show that had good viewership but not much water cooler talk. GSN chooses filth over religion, that simple.

    2. The only family friendly show they have is The Chase, and it looks like that might be gone as well.

  3. If The Chase gets canceled that's should be the end of GSN I won't watch it no more