Friday, November 6, 2015

GSN announces Thanksgiving weekend marathon schedule

Game Show Network has released their schedule for the week of Thanksgiving, meaning we now know the special holiday marathons on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

November 23-29

*On Thursday (Thanksgiving) from 5-9pm: Idiotest
*On Friday from 10am-8pm: Family Feud (Harvey)
*On Saturday latenight from 12am-3am: Hellevator (reruns)

*John O'Hurley's Family Feud will air Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 12pm and 12:30pm; replacing the Harvey version for these four days only (and not the following weeks)
*Hellevator (8pm) and Idiotest (10pm and 10:30pm) will air in reruns on Wednesday night. The Hellevator rerun is from 10/28 and the Idiotest reruns are from 9/23/15
*GSN will also air a rerun of The Chase on Friday. The episode of The Chase originally aired 1/27/15.

All Times Eastern


  1. Finally. The episode from 9/23/15 is the one with the tie in it, correct?

    Maybe now I can finally watch it.

    1. Correct. The tie was from September 23rd

  2. I don't know if this was mentioned but, is Harvey Feud under any weekly airings restrictions?
    Everytime he gets a schedule change or marathon, GSN inserts O'Hurley Feud to keep Harvey Feud's weekly airings at a certain point.

    1. Something like that. I'm not exactly sure but Frementale has some sort of grip on GSN where there is a limited (but not very limited) of airings of Harvey Feud per week. This did not start until sometime earlier this year. The number allowed has risen in the past months.

      I have yet to find out to be 100% sure.

    2. I also think they have the one year rerun package delay due to Fremantle offering local broadcast stations the opportunity to show the previous year on weekends(similar to Jeopardy and WoF weekends). Our local station now carries 2014-15 FF Saturday nights at 11 p.m..

    3. Tammy, That I know and that's correct. The 2014-15 season of FF should arrive in September 2016 on GSN. Other seasons beyond that (like the current) GSN does not have an agreement with yet.

  3. Let's just hope and pray that Buzzr has a better Thanksgiving Marathon than GSN's pathetic excuse this year.

    Also does anybody get the feeling that Fremantle has become stingy as dirt. I mean Harvey is now used as a plot device as this is only version that you need to care about as no other versions prior to that no longer exists in the franchise anymore.

    1. Buzzr dropped the ball on Halloween.They could have aired some Combs Feud during the Time machine block. Their 4th of July "marathon" was better.
      They aired a Super Password episode that supposedly was taped on Halloween during their time machine block.
      They failed to air the PYL episode in which Peter danced at the end credits with a Frankenstein mask.

    2. yeah sounds very odd for them to do that!

  4. i don't watch black ff or any of the other crap gsn runs.