Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Donald Faison to host 'Winsanity'

According to Deadline (with no official press release from GSN yet), former Scrubs star Donald Faison will host Winsanity. GSN has green-lit Winsanity for 40 half-hour episodes.

Winsanity is 100% game show, unlike some of GSN's most recent works. In Winsanity, contestants guess which numerical answers are greater. For example, "the number of times the average man thinks about sex in a day or the number of words spoken by a woman in a day." Winsanity involves studio audience involvement.

Winsanity was first featured in GSN's late 2014 development slate and again in the 2015-16 upfronts. About a month ago, GameShowNetworkNews reported that Winsanity would come to the GSN airwaves in 2016 last month.

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