Thursday, October 15, 2015

Why 'Hellevator' may bomb: Awful timeslot

Hellevator premieres Wednesday, October 21st
at 8pm ET on GSN.
The Hellevator launch is six days away. I am really starting to wonder, will a bad choice of timeslot effect the Hellevator ratings?

I think a horror-game show like Hellevator would be better for a 9pm or 10pm slot. Is it just me, or are most horror shows on in later primetime or late night?

8pm ET just seems way too early and that is suppose to be the "family hour" for television. Hellevator would work better in a late primetime timeslot or in latenight. I think 11pm for a first-run GSN original may be a little too late. At the same time, I wonder if the 11pm same night rerun of Hellevator will do better than the 8pm new run due to the "late" effect

Forget where to put new runs of Idiotest on Wednesdays, if on Wednesdays at all. Hellevator would be better at 9pm and even better at 10pm. I know GSN has dumped shows like Mind of a Man and Baggage On The Road in later primetime timeslots, but Hellevator is just not suited for 8pm. Period.

Remember, GSN does not have a West Coast Feed. 8pm on the East Coast is 6pm Mountain Time and 5pm Pacific Time. That's too early for Hellevator. Sure, The Chase and Idiotest have succeeded in the 8pm hour and that's because they are family-friendly and suited for that hour and the pre-primetime zone in the Western U.S.A.

I think the Hellevator timeslot may be the real death of the show and once again, the 11pm rerun could get better (or close to the same) numbers as the well-advertised 8pm new run,


  1. from Media Life Magazine:

  2. Thanks. I tweeted that earlier and included it in renewal odds. Just sheds more dark on Hellevator. This week will be an interesting one for GSN.

  3. again no need Scott, just trying to help the community sometimes.

  4. Here is another review. This one is mixed:

  5. Hmmm, a mix of negative and positive points for this review from community voices (mainly the first tear)

    you know from the older previous posts of Hellevator, one lady named Amy Doutt mentioned ''Total Blackout'' on Syfy which of course ran for two seasons, but I'm really surprised that she never mentioned ''Estate of Panic'' which also didn't fare better in the long run streak either on the same network as ''Total Blackout'' which was started and cancelled in 2008.