Monday, October 19, 2015

When to schedule 'Skin Wars:Fresh Paint'

Coming in 2016, GSN will turn the Skin Wars: Fresh Paint special into an eight hour-long episode series. Currently, GSN is casting for the series.

The two best times GSN should schedule their programming (minus Idiotest) in late spring/summer 2016:

Idea #1 (if Steampunk'd does not get renewed for a full second season):
For eight weeks on Wednesday nights starting with the Skin Wars premiere:
9:00pm ET: Skin Wars
10:00pm: Skin Wars: Fresh Paint

On the ninth and tenth week (since there will be ten episodes of Skin Wars but only eight for Skin Wars: Fresh Paint), either put a new lead-out at 10pm, Skin Wars: Fresh Paint reruns or air a two-hour Skin Wars finale in the ninth week (the two separate episodes-the semi-finale and finale on the same night). The test with that would be is how well two hours of Skin Wars/Skin Wars: Fresh Paint performs to test if the Skin Wars audience can handle two hours of Skin Wars-type shows.

Idea #2 (if Steampunk'd gets renewed for a full second season):
Wednesday night
9:00pm ET: Skin Wars
10:00pm: Steampunk'd

Thursday night
9:00pm: Skin Wars: Fresh Paint

Steampunk'd would need a Skin Wars lead-out while Skin Wars: Fresh Paint could do better on its own. Last August, Skin Wars: Fresh Paint came a week after Skin Wars and still did well. However, the only time Steampunk'd lived up to most (not all) GSN expectations was after either Skin Wars or Skin Wars: Fresh Paint. GSN, in this situation, should just promote Skin Wars: Fresh Paint during Wednesday's Skin Wars and hope for success the following night.

Another plan would be to split the Skin Wars season in half and air Skin Wars: Fresh Paint in the same Skin Wars timeslot for eight weeks. However, I do not think GSN will ever give Skin Wars that long of a hiatus.

Remember, RuPaul hosts Skin Wars: Fresh Paint. RuPaul attracted the most attention to Skin Wars. No matter what, Skin Wars: Fresh Paint should be a success.

It's going to be really interesting how GSN handles two Skin Wars shows on the schedule. All GSN is guaranteed to work with right now in 2016 is Skin Wars and Skin Wars: Fresh Paint (plus Idiotest casting, but still no actual renewal). We're also about six months out from even finding out when these two shows will premiere.

I just really hope GSN does not keep airing Skin Wars reruns in the 8pm ET hour as lead-in to Skin Wars. Because those hurt Skin Wars way more than it helps.

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