Friday, October 9, 2015

Updated GSN advanced schedule for October 19-25: 'Chain Reaction' reduced again

GSN has sent out a new advanced schedule for the week of October 19th. The only changes involve primetime changes in the 8pm hour. Details below.

October 19-25 (updated)
*Idiotest (rerun) will air on Monday at 8pm and 8:30pm; replacing The Chase
*The Chase (rerun) will air on Tuesday at 8pm; replacing Chain Reaction.

This is on top of the changes that were already set for the week of October 19-25, including Hellevator new runs, the adjusted Idiotest timeslots and other various changes. Additionally, the Thursday night Chain Reaction takeaway continues for this week (as highlighted on the latest October 19-25 schedule).

All Times Eastern


  1. Idiotest replacing The Chase? I guess Chase hasn't been rerunning well on Mondays. I have no clue why they want to move Chase to Friday nights. It was fine on Thursdays. If you ask me, they are really trying hard to PO the fans of the show. Normally that is a death slot for most networks. Then again, the show might perform really well there.

    1. "Then again, the show might perform really well there."

      My thoughts exactly. I think The Chase will do well on Friday night. Less competition than Sunday-Thursday nights and it is near winter rather than summer. If they stuck a new original on a Friday in the summer, then expect a poor performance.

      I'll have a post on the subject soon.

  2. So, I just watched the first bit of Hellevator's premiere... and it's... weird. It's hard to imagine how scary it is, especially since the contestants know it's a game, therefore no one is actually going to be killed in it. I actually didn't find it that frightening, but maybe it's because I wasn't there in person competing in it.

    Anyways, here's my take. First off... at least GSN is censoring the profanity out, which is what I expected considering the nature of the show. You were right about the lengthy introduction Scott; it was about 9 minutes in before the first challenge was revealed. The I was rooting against them. Did find it funny when they were using the slogan "YOLO", and then the Soska sisters responded by saying "You also only die once." Can't tell you how much I hate hearing people use that acronym.

    The challenge with the bells seemed easier than it should've been, but then again it was only the first one, and the guy was in the music business, so it made sense he was able to get through it quickly.

    It seems an odd choice to have the timer keep running until you get back to the Hellevator. Makes me wonder why they didn't just start the timer from the moment the contestant got out of the Hellevator in the first place and just add a few extra minutes to make up for the time it takes for the contestant to reach the challenge room. I'm guessing you need a good memory to remember the route you took to get back to the Hellevator in time, otherwise you could easily get lost, especially within that abandoned factory building, or warehouse, or whatever it was...

    Maybe it was just me, but it felt like watching an hour of Paranomal Activity on Syfy, except with an occasional game element thrown in every 10 or so minutes. Overall, it was alright, but personally, I see very little in terms of rerun value. Also, I would assume every challenge in every episode is unique -- if they use the same challenge in multiple episodes, it would get really boring, really quickly.

    I also have the feeling that after watching 2-3 episodes of this, my interest in it would drop considerably.

    Oh, on another topic, the move of The Chase to Fridays. I see why they're doing it, because the only real competition in that timeslot is the Amazing Race. Still, I agree with Adam in the sense that the constant shifting of the days is getting irritating. I remember when they moved ST: Enterprise to what used to be called the "Friday night death slot", and then blamed it for the drop in ratings.

    I don't think Fridays are the death slot anymore, considering top pullers like Amazing Race and Shark Tank are part of the Friday night lineup nowadays, but I do think GSN should have another game show with new episodes airing as the lead-out, either new Idiotest or new Chain Reaction. Just having new episodes of The Chase and that's it on Fridays seems a bit lonely, but then again, there's only 5 episodes left anyways...

    1. Friday nights in TV are way different now compared to back then where if you moved a show to Fridays, it would get canned almost immediately. The Chase should not drop big time, but still put up numbers it has put up in the past. I remember back in 2008 ABC aired a short lived game show called Duel and if I remember correctly, it was up the TPIR primetime specials on CBS. It didn't do well and was canned that same year. Also, The Drew Carey Show did very well on Wednesdays, but when they moved it to Fridays in late 2002, the show saw lower ratings. Now, it's not like that anymore. Shows like Shark Tank and Blue Bloods pull in a great amount of viewers on Fridays.