Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Thursday night changes?

What is going on with GSN Thursdays?

On GSN's cover email for the updated October 12-18 schedule (where Chain Reaction leaves Thursday nights), they said that change will only last two weeks. Why?

This sparks rumors of what GSN is actually doing to Thursday nights. In short, we don't know. It's just very odd that The Chase is moving to Fridays come November and it is not probable that GSN will air reruns of The Chase on both Tuesday and Thursday night with the new run Friday night.

List of possibilities (some far-fetched):
*New acquisition (Hollywood Game Night)
*Burning off the remaining episodes of Lie Detectors (but wouldn't GSN have put that Fridays instead of The Chase?)
*Moving new runs of Hellevator to Thursdays starting 10/29 (Wednesday 10/28 is the next political/Republican debate).
*Chain Reaction new runs resuming at 8pm Thursdays (but Mike Catherwood said himself new episodes come back between Thanksgiving and Christmas).
*Chain Reaction reruns at 8pm and 8:30pm with Family Feud the rest of the evening (most likely).
*The Chase remaining in reruns and Chain Reaction returning in reruns (too simple).
*The return of Man Versus Fly (unlikely)

In the near future, changes are coming for Thursday nights. We just don't know exactly what yet. An acquisition like Hollywood Game Night seems far-fetched, only because GSN has not acquired any new show modern-wise since 2012. Most likely it will be simple, like Chain Reaction reruns in the 8pm hour and Family Feud the rest of the night.

It's strange. It's GSN.


  1. Sale Of The Century Thursday nights would not be a bad idea ratings would be great

  2. To GSN Network Sale Of The Century And Scrabble On Thursday Nights would be so wonderful and ratings would be outstanding

  3. "An acquisition like Hollywood Game Night seems far-fetched, only because GSN has not acquired any new show modern-wise since 2012."

    Yeah, pretty much everything on the GSN schedule right now is original programming, with the exception of the morning oldies, Deal or No Deal, and of course, the Harvey/O'Hurley versions of Feud. It's kind of a shame because there are a lot of acquisitions I wouldn't mind seeing.

  4. I also think if Hellevator fails, GSN is almost forced to acquire Hollywood Game Night. They probably still won't, but think about it. If Hellevator bombs or not, all GSN has in original programming until late Spring 2016 (when Idiotest Season 3/Skin Wars/Fresh Paint come along) is:

    *5 episodes of The Chase
    *16 episodes of the struggling Chain Reaction
    *Risky Hellevator only lasts eight weeks
    *Idiotest new episodes will end in November
    *No Steampunk'd, Skin Wars or Skin Wars Fresh Paint
    *No other current projects in development that would be ready for early 2016.

    It's going to be a very dull winter and spring 2016 for GSN altogether as of now.

    1. "It's going to be a very dull winter and spring 2016 for GSN altogether as of now"

      Which is kind of a shame because the cold winter months are when GSN gets its best numbers, typically. Although as long as they have Harvey's Feud they should be alright.

  5. i think celebrity name game would be another good acquisition for gsn!! craig may put up some decent numbers