Thursday, October 15, 2015

'Steampunk'd' reveals Season 1 winner

From left to right: Guest judge Dita Von Teese;
Steampunk'd judges Matt King, Thomas
Willeford and Kate "Kato" Lambert;
Steampunk'd host Jeannie Mai
Last night was the finale of GSN's Steampunk-based competition series Steampunk'd, where either one of the finalists JW, Miss Morgan or Eddie went home with $100,000. Last night's finale was packed with surprises, including the return of almost all of the eliminated Steampunk'd contestants, family members surprising the three remaining finalists and Dita Von Teese as a guest judge. Read with caution, because there are spoilers below:

The statistics are about even for all three finalists for their positive accomplishments and hard work throughout the season. Eddie was team captain three times, had 5 rooms in the manner (was therefore on five winning teams) and was once the "Top Maker" for an episode. Miss Morgan was team captain twice, had three rooms in the manner and was twice the top maker. JW was team captain four times, had 4 rooms in the manner and was twice the top maker.

The announced portion of the manner to build this week was the "Family Room". Miss Morgan had been guessing that would be the challenge. Eddie liked the challenge since he has six children and is a family man.

To assist the three finalists, Steampunk'd producers brought back six eliminated contestants. Miss Morgan had first pick since she was top maker the prior week. Miss Morgan chose Karianne and Lady Hawk, who would later leave the episode due to illness leaving Miss Morgan with just Karianne. JW picked Tayliss and Charles. Eddie chose Ave and James.

The finalist's models this week were their family members. Spouses and children came along to help out and dress up for the final presentation. The finalists noted that it was hard to stay focused with their family members around.

When it came to judging, all four judges thought it was a tough decision (of course they have to say that). Guest judge Dita Von Teese thought Miss Morgan's room was the most Steampunk.


JW was eliminated first. JW comes in first place for the entire season.

The $100,000 winner is...

Eddie! Eddie says he is putting the $100,000 to expand his studio. Judge Thomas Willeford said he liked Eddie's artwork because it had woodwork and a story.

Miss Morgan was labeled the first runner-up.