Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Stay tuned to GameShowNetworkNews on Thursday for 'Hellevator' news

Tomorrow (Thursday), stay tuned to GameShowNetworkNews for all news, ratings and reactions surrounding Hellevator

Around 10am ET, we will publish a short review for Hellevator to note if there were any changes from the premiere episode we received and reviewed in September.

From about 3pm ET and on, we will anticipate ratings for Hellevator. Normally, ratings come in from ShowBuzz around 4pm ET and full GSN primetime ratings come in from Douglas Pucci around 7pm ET. However, we will hope since this is a big GSN premiere that ratings will be released earlier tomorrow. If Hellevator is a success, GSN will sure publish a press release which would arrive in the 4pm ET hour or even a little earlier.

Before all the news tomorrow, tune into Hellevator tonight at 8pm ET on GSN!

Be sure to also stay tuned to @greatgameshows on Twitter for all GSN and Hellevator news.

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