Friday, October 2, 2015

Ratings 10/1: 'Chain Reaction' has an okay night (UPDATE: FULL PRIMETIME RATINGS)

GSN primetime ratings from Thursday, October 1st:
7:30pm Family Feud: 623,000 total viewers/166,000 18-49 viewers
8:00pm The Chase (rerun): 437,000 total viewers/57,000 18-49 viewers; up 13% in total viewers/down 17% in 18-49 viewers from last week's rerun; down 30% in total viewers/down 66% in 18-49 viewers from lead-jn
9:00pm Chain Reaction (new): 346,000 total viewers/44,000 18-49 viewers; up 15% in total viewers/up 38% in 18-49 viewers from last week; down 21% in total viewers/down 23% in 18-49 viewers from lead-in
9:30pm Chain Reaction (new): 354,000 total viewers/61,000 18-49 viewers; up 11% in total viewers /up 79% in 18-49 viewers from last week; up 2% in total viewers/up 39% in 18-49 viewers from lead-in
10:00pm Family Feud: 388,000 total viewers/92,000 18-49 viewers; up 10% in total viewers/up 51% in 18-49 viewers from lead-in
10:30pm Family Feud: 507,000 total viewers/157,000 18-49 viewers; up 31% in total viewers/up 71% in 18-49 viewers from lead-in
GSN primetime average (8-11pm): 412,000 total viewers/78,000 18-49 viewers

If you take a look in the bold, ShowBuzz incorrectly reported one of the episodes of Chain Reaction ratings (the 9pm run). The correct numbers are now up. We apologize for any error, even though it was not our error and misreported from another source.

According to ShowBuzz, both episodes of Chain Reaction received a 0.05 in the 18-49 demo. This should equal about 70,000 18-49 viewers. We will find out the full ratings later for exact 18-49's and the rest of primetime. 


  1. Not a bad night for CR. Definitely better than last week.

    1. I would not consider it a good night for Chain Reaction. It pulled the primetime average down in both 18-49 and total viewers while The Chase was good in total viewers (not 18-49's). Family Feud was strong after Chain Reaction in both total and 18-49's.

      I will give Chain Reaction credit for rising in 18-49's at 9:30pm. Still dropped from The Chase.

      So yes, not as bad as last week for Chain Reaction, but old-skewing and below the GSN primetime average. It's too bad because I want to see Chain Reaction get renewed.

  2. I hope new episodes of Chain Reaction air on GSN! I really love this new game show and the host!

    1. There is a possibility that Chain Reaction may be syndicated in 2016. Check out TV Media Check. The show was mentioned in an article about shows being pitched for next fall.