Sunday, October 11, 2015

More 'Hellevator' talk throughout the internet

Hellevator, 10 days away from premiere, is getting whipped left and right from outside of GSN.

DreadCentral gave a review about Hellevator and they were not exactly in favor of the new GSN series. Keep in mind, they are a horror site, not a game show site. The DreadCentral reviewer stated "true horror fans aren't likely to get much out of it." The reviewer thinks Hellevator will suit casual viewers better.

Really? I see the opposite. Horror fans will be attracted to this while casual viewers will think Hellevator is too scary. The DreadCentral reviewer and myself do agree that the Soska sisters' role is weird. I said not a good introduction (they agree with our review that most of the viewing audience will not know the Soska sisters and their intro is bad) and they also do not think there is enough of the co-hosts/sisters. I agree there too.

Yahoo was able to release the first ten or so minutes of Hellevator to their site. Looking at the dozens of comments, they are mainly negative and bashing Hellevator just from the provided clip. Remember, the below comments are from the public, not at all from the traditional GSN crowd. Here are the highlights:

"That MTV show Fear was much better. It was out in real old abandoned places that were supposedly haunted. This is just a set full of props."

"Looks pretty stupid and cheezy - in a fun way. Why do the twins have to sound so superior? They should be let loose in the dark and terrified."

"Just what we need with these mass shooting is more violence on TV."

"I love it already. I can't wait to watch the full episode."
"So bad"

"I am a huge fan of this kind of stuff and this looks horrible. There is no fear is a game show."

Yikes. Mainly negative and trashing the show. I still think Hellevator is good and I love the game show element within. The cash amounts, $5K, $10K, $15K and $20K are pretty good too for GSN. The money element will make me stay tuned.

To conclude: Ratings and Hellevator in its entirety will be fascinating. I still do not know if this will go GSN's way. Hellevator is good, but it just may not be for GSN. Mainly negative reviews are leaning me towards Hellevator will not be a success. I will have my final predictions (and ratings predictions) as the premiere gets even closer on Wednesday.


  1. Yahoo comments are the best.

    A few years ago when Sally Struthers was arrested for DUI, the comments section was flooded with comments like:
    "Should have called a cab from Munsons"

  2. Was that when she was on All in the Family?

    1. You completely missed the joke from the comment......

    2. WHOOSH this, anonymous asshole!!