Monday, October 5, 2015

List of youngest-skewing shows on GSN from September 30th & October 1st

In preparation for renewal odds, which will be posted later today, below is a list for all programs on GSN from last Wednesday (9/30) and Thursday (10/1) from youngest-skewing to oldest-skewing. This means what percentage of the audience was in the Adult 18-49 demographic, which for television in general is a very desired demographic and brings in big bucks from ad revenue. Advertisers want to air their commercials during young-skewing shows, since it has been seen through media research that the biggest consumers are in their teens, twenties, thirties and forties rather than older ages. Now, this is a game show blog and not an advertising marketing blog, but this is common knowledge and the reason why shows like Skin Wars and Idiotest have been renewed on GSN but not older-skewing The Chase.

Youngest to oldest skewing GSN shows from September 30th & October 1st:
1) Steampunk'd (WED 8:00pm): 51% of audience within 18-49 demo.
2) Family Feud (WED 7:30pm): 32% of audience within 18-49 demo.
3) Family Feud (WED 9:00pm): 31% of audience within 18-49 demo.
4) Family Feud (THU 10:30pm): 31% of audience within 18-49 demo.
5) Idiotest (WED 10:30pm): 27% of audience within 18-49 demo.
6) Family Feud (THU 7:30pm): 27% of audience within 18-49 demo.
7) Idiotest (WED 10:00pm): 25% of audience within 18-49 demo.
8) Family Feud (THU 10:00pm): 24% of audience within 18-49 demo.
9) Family Feud (WED 9:30pm): 20% of audience within 18-49 demo.
10) Chain Reaction (THU 9:30pm): 17% of audience within 18-49 demo.
11) The Chase (THU 8:00pm): 13% of audience within 18-49 demo.
12) Chain Reaction (THU 9:00pm): 13% of audience within 18-49 demo.

All Times Eastern

This just shows how strong an 18-49 showing Steampunk'd has and the fact that it may not be dead yet as a series. Complete Steampunk'd eight hour-long episode second season? Unlikely. But the chance of Steampunk'd and/or Jeannie Mai plus some of the judges back on GSN in the near future for a Steampunk'd special or mini-series is definitely likely.

Otherwise, Family Feud took up the second, third and fourth top 18-49 slots for the week surrounding Steampunk'd and away from old-skewing The Chase and Chain Reaction. Speaking of older-skewing The Chase and Chain Reaction, those occupied the last three 18-49 slots. While the median viewing age of Steampunk'd was around 40, the median viewing ages for The Chase and Chain Reaction were approximately 65, if not even older.

Think about it: Idiotest skews much younger than The Chase and Chain Reaction while Idiotest is alive and casting and the other two are not.

The Chase and Chain Reaction are definitely in danger, with or without the Hellevator factor. They're old-skewing and we can see that GSN does not want that. The next few months on where the status of all these series fall into GSN's future will be very interesting.


  1. Anything after 12pm weekdays is youngest skewing. Borderline is 11am.

    1. Well, yes, if you're counting Harvey Feud at 12pm & 12:30pm weekdays. But the youngest-skewing GSN shows are limited to primetime, pre-primetime and post-primetime. Harvey Feud, Skin Wars, Idiotest, Steampunk'd, Baggage.