Thursday, October 22, 2015

Last night's 'Hellevator' premiere: There were no differences from GSN's press cut, but something else major occurred

Last night's Hellevator premiere appeared to have no differences or small edits from the press cut GSN sent out in September (the one we reviewed). I did not expect any differences, but if GSN did want to improve Hellevator, I think they could have edited the beginning, the Soska sister's introduction and the fact that Hellevator comes back on from commercial break suddenly without any introduction. That is what Hellevator has to work on: Introductions.

There was something much, much bigger that occurred on a commercial break during last night's Hellevator premiere. A GSN-sponsored commercial aired featuring approximately an equal distribution of The Chase, Idiotest, Skin Wars, Hellevator, Chain Reaction and Family Feud. I saw the same commercial twice and it is safe to say that there was no sign of Steampunk'd in the commercial. I guess we can say that Steampunk'd may be gone for good and the show's all important and impressive 18-49 figures were outweighed by the poor total viewer figures.

Steampunk'd still remains on GSN's website.

Last with twitter followers: Hellevator grew last night big. In days up to the premiere, Hellevator was floating around 750 followers. After the premiere (and lots of eyeballs), Hellevator had 1,378 followers. Compare this to 1,234 for Steampunk'd, 308 for Chain Reaction, 10,100 for Skin Wars, 3,767 for Idiotest and 22,600 for The Chase.

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