Saturday, October 17, 2015

Inside 'Steampunk'd': Production issues

Now that Steampunk'd has ended its premiere season, GameShowNetworkNews has obtained  the following information about production issues during the filming of Steampunk'd:

*The contestants did not know that the fighting would be included in the final product. It was post-production editing.

*Steampunk'd producers, at first, did not provide makeup (for the costume part of each challenge). This changed when several contestants argued to the producers that makeup is part of Steampunk. Steampunk'd producers did not believe living costumes needed makeup.

*Props and proper tools were also not provided, but that changed after argued by contestants to producers.

*Producers originally wanted contestants to have to wear their costumes to elimination (this did not end up happening). It would have only been two contestants per episode in costume minus the finale.

*Contestants were also kept in a hotel room with very strict rules. It was not as nice as the contestants' house on both seasons of Skin Wars.

This information has been obtained through Steampunk'd contestants and management within production. It appears, in the end, that Steampunk'd producers did not have a full grasp on what exactly Steampunk art was and how to completely gather materials for challenges.


  1. As a producer of the show, I can add a little insight into what Miss Morgan (who I can tell by complaints) is your source.

    1) There was FAR more fighting than every shown on television. They were asked about the fighting in interviews, so how did they not think some would have been shows? That's just trying to deflect their own failure.

    2) The contestants asked for FULL Skin Wars type makeup to do prosthetics and elaborate makeup. We did not think that is what the show should be (or what steampunk is). So we provided simple makeup to the contestants for the presentations.

    3) The initial supplies were overseen by Steampunk professionals and the judges. This was a new show and we tried our best to anticipate every need. However, as things came up during filming, we tried to be fair and provide different tools and materials. But at some point we had to say no more. Everyone was working from the same set up and had the same limitations. There was PLENTY to do anything your heart imagined.

    To say we didn't have a grasp on what Steampunk was is insulting and sounds like a sore-loser comment. The very nature of the show (combining fashion, art, building, gadgets) was a direct attempt to include all makers into the show. The punk yard was something everyone who watches the show dreams of. So we provided all the tools and materials to let their imagination run wild. And they did! The rooms are amazing. So if someone wants to belittle the hard work of the cast and crew, well they that's just being bitter.

    Very proud of the show.

    1. First, I am the author of the above post, owner of this blog, @greatgameshows twitter and Contact that email if you have more to reveal or questions.

      1) There was too much fighting edited in the final product that aired on TV. That's why reviews were bad and ratings were poor.

      2) You are correct to say Skin Wars type makeup does not fit in with Steampunk'd.

      "Very proud of the show."

      Are you proud of the ratings? Will there be a second season or future specials?

    2. to the producer of that stupid show…. its stupid no matter what and another piece of reality junk that only stupid millenials, freaks, and ghetto trash would watch.

    3. I'm sure the "anonymous" producer of the show was Rahner, making up an entry to make his blog to look good (not that he's NEVER done that before..)