Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How 'Steampunk'd' may not be done

Matt King, Kato, Thomas Willeford and Jeannie Mai
are all part of the Steampunk'd team. Will they be back
for the future of Steampunk'd, if it does have a future?
It's not that hard to believe. Between GSN desperate for the younger-skewing 18-49 viewers and a very weak GSN development slate, do not count Steampunk'd out.

By no means do I think Steampunk'd will get a full second season order. If so, GSN is really desperate. A special or Steampunk'd mini-series is imminent, most likely surrounding a Skin Wars new run (where Steampunk'd did best this year).

Steampunk'd ratings summary (total viewers/18-49 viewers):
August 19th: 383K/198K
August 26th: 313K/149K
September 2nd: 173K/64K
September 9th: 256K/70K
September 23rd: 255K/78K
September 30th: 270K/139K
October 7th: 274K/101K
New episode average thus far (7 episodes): 275K/133K

The premiere and week 2 numbers for Steampunk'd were definitely disappointing in total viewers (for a very well exposed premiere) but very strong in 18-49's. The third week of Steampunk'd crashed big, mainly because of a poor lead-in (Steampunk'd itself-a rerun). The past five weeks of new episodes in the new timeslot, the Family Feud lead-in has helped out Steampunk'd not impressively, but still enough where there has been a general upward trend after the September 2nd crash. From lead-in Family Feud, Steampunk'd will tend to lose on average 60% of Feud's total viewers but only 20% to 30% of the 18-49 viewers. This is a sign that the 18-49's hold on somewhat more.

The above 18-49's prove that GSN may not be done with Steampunk'd. Each week, between one-third and half of all Steampunk'd viewers have been in the 18-49 demo. That means, between 33% and 50% of Steampunk'd viewers are younger than 50 years old. The rest of GSN's lineup, even also young-skewing Idiotest and Family Feud, normally does not come close to those numbers.

Last, for the current three Steampunk'd judges Thomas Willeford, Matt King and Kato and host Jeannie Mai, will GSN want to keep them around for the future of Steampunk'd? Jeannie Mai is pretty well known, so I bet GSN would keep her around. The judges? I'm not so confident. All three are virtual no-names or "Z-Listers". The judges aspect of Steampunk'd would probably be rebooted for future runs and producers would probably grab some of this season's guest judges, who seem more liked and well-known than the current panel.

To end, if Hellevator underperforms, which may just happen, be prepared for Steampunk'd to be back in some shape or form in 2016.

While we are concerned about the future of Steampunk'd, make sure to tune into the finale Wednesday at 8pm ET on Game Show Network! Only one of the three remaining "makers", Miss Morgan, JW and Eddie, will take away the $100,000 top prize.


  1. I didn't really like Steampunkd that well. If there were less fighting and constant drama among the contestants, I would have watched the whole season. Something tells me that the third season of Skin Wars will probably have drama and fighting amongst the contestants.

    1. "Something tells me that the third season of Skin Wars will probably have drama and fighting amongst the contestants."

      I think GSN has learned their lesson in this situation. Steampunk'd seemed like a test to see if contestant drama worked on their art-based competition shows. There was a lot of fighting advertised in Steampunk'd and ratings crashed. I think GSN will avoid promoting the contestant's arguing aspect for Skin Wars (it may still happen though behind the scenes).

  2. and yet they want to get rid of chain reaction and keep this stupid show with its annoying asian lesbian host.