Tuesday, October 13, 2015

GSN seriously wants 'Man Versus Fly'

Are you noticing something strange through GSN's Facebook, Twitter and YouTube feeds? GSN is still pushing Man Versus Fly, a show (more like a "short") that bombed tremendously in its original primetime slot that prompted lead-out Idiotest to hit a then-series low and was removed from the schedule six weeks later.

In the March upfronts, GSN announced they had acquired 50 three-minute shorts of Man Versus Fly (from the UK) and would put Man Versus Fly into half-hour series development. It does not look like there is enough of a following for Man Versus Fly, given the Facebook hate. I will say there have been a good amount of views for the GSN-posted YouTube clips.

GSN wants to see these three-minute Man Versus Fly clips turn into their own half-hour show. That is so obvious. It's unlikely it will happen based on the on-air ratings, but as I will repeat again, GSN has a really weak development slate right now. For a Man Versus Fly series, still doubtful, but GSN has been pushing it and it may just happen. Keep a look out. You will hear about it here at GameShowNetworkNews.


  1. This better not become a show. It bombed really badly. But then again, GSN has made some bad decisions in the past. Shows like Love Triangle, Family Trade, and Mind Of A Man are good examples.

    1. Family Trade wasn't that bad. The others I could live without.
      As far as the Man vs Fly: DUMB DUMB DUMB.
      The Intros by Ben Gleib were unnecessary.
      The arrogant British hosts were a bunch of jackasses and not funny. The format sucks too.

      What the Hell is GSN thinking with Man vs. fly being salvageable?

    2. I haven't ventured over to THE BUZZERBLOG but, I do know they LOVE British game shows. What did they think about this?

      This seems like another show targeted at the Alex Davis generation....

    3. "What the Hell is GSN thinking with Man vs. fly being salvageable?"

      GSN tried a UK format and tested if it would work here in the States. UK productions like Millionaire, Deal or No Deal and The Chase worked.

      Buzzerblog, I believe, has not mentioned Man Versus Fly since GSN's March upfronts.

    4. Family Trade still sucked anyway, no matter how you slice it.

    5. People, no one, outside of a few geeks here, even know or CARE who "Alex Davis" or "Buzzerblog" even are. Get real.

  2. they want to get rid of chain reaction, yet keep this show, that ghetto body painting show, and that punky steamed show with the annoying asian lesbian host. no wonder gsn stands for "ghetto & sh*t network".